What Is A One-Coat Paint?

handymanA lot of homeowners like the idea of painting. However, not all of them like to do the actual task and that’s why they hire a handyman. The fun of choosing paint colors moves to the priming and prep stage. Masking the windows, putting down the drop cloths, and getting rid of light fixtures, switch plates, and outlet, and buying the tools, paint, and other materials could take you several hours. In most cases, this adds into the task of painting since the painter goes directly from preparation to painting. One would wonder if it’s possible to get by the task with just one coat.

One-coat is a paint type that end the labor and time commitment of applying at least two coats of paint. With a one coat paint, you can fold several steps into a single step thanks to the thicker consistency as well as the high build capability of the paint. The question is if one coat paint really work. If yes, will it work under every condition for your painting project?

One-Coat Paint Basics

A one-coat paint is what paint manufacturers refer to the type of paint that is thick and heavy acrylic-latex interior as well as exterior paint that accumulates high up. As much as 20% more paints solids provide the paint more body. A common acrylic latex paint tend to need at least two more coats of paint. Only in restricted conditions are you allowed to use one coat of common acrylic latex paint.

A one-coat paint could increase the likelihood that you just have to use at least one coat. However, it is not an absolute because one coat paints tend to have a set of limitations. With this type of paint, you can stick to a color palette that’s geared toward a series of one paint coat.

The Pros and Cons

Although a few brands have restricted color offerings, there are other one coat paint providers that offer thousands of color choices. A one-coat paint will speed up the painting project by getting rid of the need to wait between the coats. It comes with a thicker build that helps in hiding imperfections, too.

Just like anything else, one-coat paints come with their own set of disadvantages. They usually have a certain range of colors that you have to choose from. The marketing of one-coat paint may provide the false impression that a single coat of paint is guaranteed in every situation.

The manufacturer guarantees for one coat paint usually exclude porous surfaces, repaired surfaces, surfaces that have been uncoated in the past, surfaces with tannins, those with stubborn stains.

Although one-paint coat provides advantages, there are some aspects of laying down several coats of paint that one-coat products can’t provide. Additional coats will deepen the color, which will make it closer and richer to the intended color register of the paint manufacturer. For window and door trim, you might wish to lay down at least two or more coats since those spots get go through heavy use and require durable paint.

Professional painters and handyman Myrtle Beach suggest the following one coat paints. Sherwin-Williams Infinity, Behr Marquee, Pittsburgh Paramount, Glidden One Coat, Wilko One Coat, Zinsser Perma-White, Dulux NeverMiss One Coat, and Kilz 2.

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