How To Spot A Rip-off Handyman

handymanHandyman services are a fantastic thing to avail yourself of, simply because they provide a wide variety of services without having to hire out multiple people. A good professional handyman is worth his weight in gold to the homeowner and can help to get projects done that range from pool maintenance, repairs to various areas in the house, or installing light fixtures and ceiling fans. The list can be endless as to the services a good handyman can offer, and they often save you a lot of money in the long run. But how do you know if you’re getting a good one and not a con artist? Let’s look at some tips.
Signs A Handyman May Be Trying To Con You
Here are some good points to keep in mind in order to spot a potential scam artist.
Voluntary Phone Calls. Handymen who could call to sell their services may very well be trying to strike a friendly relationship with you in order for you to “find” things for them to do, and take advantage of you. If you did not solicit the services yourself of the handyman Myrtle Beach, be wary of this tactic.
Unannounced Visits To Your Home. Some people will show up on your doorstep at any hour of the day to charm you into a con job. It is inappropriate for people to cold call and invites themselves in for a chat to try and charm you. They often are dressed very well and use a friendly demeanor to win you over. They may have already even spotted things that need attention on your house to try and get you to hire them. They are usually relentless and overbearing, although friendly.
Requesting Payment Upfront. In order to gain entry into your home, they may offer to perform a small project or home repairs at a very low price, or even for free. This is to reel you in and win you over. Their next step would be to start telling you about other areas they need to check and/or repair so as to gain entry to the rest of your home. Most of the time, these things do not need to be repaired. This is a very critical moment because this is where people often make the biggest error in judgment by letting them in. NEVER let anyone in your home that you did not specifically seek out and hire through reputable means. The last trick they pull is to ask for payment upfront and then never return, thus leaving you scammed.
No License or Warranty. Be wary of any handyman who cannot produce valid paperwork about their credentials, or at least good references for you to follow up with. Verbal assurance is not enough!
Following these steps will keep you protected from the many handymen con artists who prey on unsuspecting people every day

  • Be especially wary if you are elderly or live alone, as con artists target this age group. Perhaps the most important tip here is to always ask for documents of their work and customers if they do come cold calling. If they are legit, they will not mind providing this, and will most often provide it without you even having to ask. It’s the single biggest rule to follow in order to avoid a scam.
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