Professional Handyman Tips In Repairing Drywall

Handyman Myrtle BeachOne of the most common problems of many households, according to a local Myrtle Beach handyman, is patching a hole in the drywall. The hole may be caused by a doorknob from a door that was suddenly opened, by an unbalanced chair, or by playing outdoor games, such as hockey, inside the house. Fortunately, there is an easy way to resolve this problem.

Here are the steps in repairing a hole in the drywall.

  1. Draw a rectangle or square in the area where the hole is. This is where you will cut the wall to remove the damaged part. Cutting it into a square or rectangle shape makes it easier for you to put the backer board and attach a new undamaged drywall.
  2. If the hole is near an outlet or telephone or cable jack, a local handyman recommends that you check for wires first before doing any cutting. Otherwise, you could accidentally cut into the wire and cause electrical problems or damages. To ensure there are no wires in the way, you will have to put your hand inside the hole. Carefully make the hole larger if your hand will not fit inside. Once inside, feel for nearby wires and other obstructions. Make note of the location of these wires so you can easily cut them rather than damage them and cause more problems.
  3. Put backer boards on either side of the area where you cut the wall. This is where you will screw the new drywall patch. To keep the backer boards in pace, use drywall screws to fasten them. Make sure the backer boards are at least 4 inches longer than the height of the hole. This will provide you with lots of room to effectively and safely attach the board to the wall. You can use pine or other soft wood for the backer board.
  4. Carefully measure the damaged area of the wall that you have cut. Using these measurements, cut an undamaged drywall. This is what you will attach to the wall to cover the hole. If you have an extra drywall in the basement and the damaged area is not that big, you can use the scraps that you have. Just make sure it will be enough; otherwise, you will need to buy one from the nearest hardware or home depot.
  5. Screw the undamaged drywall into place. Make sure your screws have sufficient spacing. According to a professional handyman, the screws need to have at least 6 inches of space in between them.
  6. Tape the edges of the patch that you made so that they cannot be easily seen. To do these, you will need drywall compound and paper tape. Choose a drywall compound that does not shrink but hardens quickly. Also, there are drywall compounds that are specifically designed for filling cracks. There are also some that are made for fixing and repairing drywall.
  7. Apply paper tape along the edges of the patch that you have made. Apply a thin coat of drywall compound on the patch. Wait for it to dry a bit before applying the second coat of drywall compound. For the third layer of drywall compound, the joints and edges should be effectively blended and well smoothened out.

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