Independent Living: The Perfect Christmas Gift

handyman Myrtle BeachAs we age more and more situations threaten our independence.  The bones don’t work as well as they once did.  Driving can be a problem as our reaction time slows.  The last thing an aging senior needs is to be forced to leave their home.

What would it mean to your older loved one to have a safe and comfortable place to live?  A place they call their own.  A recent AARP survey revealed that 90% of people over 65 would like to spend their retirement years in their own homes.  I know that I would!

It can be difficult to purchase a Christmas gift for parents that have everything.  How about a gift certificate for an “aging in place” evaluation?  Handyman Myrtle Beach will evaluate their home assuring that your older relatives have a comfortable and safe place to live.  What a perfect gift!  This will bring peace of mind to you and respect your parents’ wishes to stay in their home.

One of the biggest challenges is getting your folks to agree that this is money well spent.  Older people tend to be more frugal and insist they are ok when you know there are changes that could be made to make their life safer. Remind them that by senior proofing their home they will be giving you peace of mind.

Handyman Myrtle Beach has been certified by the National Association of Home Builders as a Certified Aging Specialists.  This certification allows them to determine what can be done to make a home more comfortable and safe for seniors.  This review may include suggestions for grab bars in the bathroom, pull out storage units, appliance lifts and more.  One area they will address is accessibility to rooms within the home. They can make suggestions that will help maintain mobility.

A timely assessment done by a third party is a great way to help your parents age in place and avoid the cost of a nursing home or other alternative.  Your parents will be more likely to listen because the information is presented by a third party.

The Handyman
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