Hire A Myrtle Beach Handyman and Get The Perfect Pantry

Myrtle Beach HandymanMost homeowners will agree that the most cost-effective method to organize a pantry is hiring a Myrtle Beach handyman. Even though the pantry is considered one of the many areas of the house that is very difficult to organize, this is not completely impossible when working with an experienced and skilled handyman.

Here are some ideas that you might want to consider with a Myrtle Beach handyman in order to organize your pantry and give it a much-needed facelift.

1.Incorporate design and style

No one says you cannot use your creativity in organizing your pantry. Keep in mind that a pantry that is not only organized and neat but is also good looking and appealing may spur you on to keep the space more sorted out all the time. Use a lively shade to repaint your walls or hang wallpaper for a more decorative and creative look. Depending on how big your pantry is, consider introducing an attractive and creative pendant light or ceiling fixture instead of the old, standard lighting.

2. Maximize the use of available space

This means you need to consider and put to good use each square inch of space in your pantry. You can make use of a number of various racks, drawers, or cupboards to maximize the available space. In an odd corner or space where nothing else would fit, utilize the uncovered areas of the wall and put up pegboards, hooks or magnetized boards. Don’t disregard the benefits of a hanging an organizer on the back of your pantry door. You can use this to store things like packets of rice or beans, spices, or other smaller packages.

3. Use bins, containers, and jars

To keep the pantry clean, a local Myrtle Beach handyman suggests putting away dry products such as flour, sugar, and rice in clear, water and air-proof containers or jars. Although most people will use round containers for these types of ingredients, experts highly recommend using rectangular holders instead as they stack much better, allowing you to more effectively use your pantry space. For other small things that you keep in your pantry, you can use wicker baskets or repurposed boxes.

4. Make labels your best friend

To avoid the cluttered look of open shelving and cabinetry in your pantry, you can opt to use clear containers and jars to store your food supply and kitchen tools. Make it neater and more organized by specifically naming each container so that you’ll know what’s inside without the need to open the container or jar. Be creative with your labels!

5. Prioritize versatility, functionality, and convenience over design and attractiveness

If your primary goal is to organize your pantry and make it more functional, you need to look for flexible organizing tools and storage units that you can use conveniently in any way that you want. There is a wide range of configurable cabinets and shelving available on the market today. You can set them up in various ways that would allow you the maximum organization of your pantry while helping you to effectively maximize the use of space. The most affordable option is solitary metal units. You can also consider customizable wood cabinetry, although they are a bit costly.

Need help in organizing your pantry? Call The Handyman for professional Myrtle Beach handyman assistance.

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