When Should You Hire A Handyman vs. A Licensed Pro?

handymanWe all need a handyman from time to time and with some jobs around the house, it can be a very cost-effective thing to have one. Some tasks can be accomplished by a handyman, and others need the skills of a licensed professional. Here, we’re breaking down some common jobs and whether you can bring in your handyman or leave it to the pros.

Handyman vs. Licensed Pro

Plumbing: When it comes to plumbing, you need to always call a skilled professional if it concerns the installation of anything such as septic systems, pipes, hooking the sewer up, etc. Repairs or jobs pertaining to your plumbing after it’s been installed can be done by your handyman. This would include, putting new fixtures in the house, minor problems with the toilet, etc.

Electrical: This is an area that should always be left to the experts in this field. Anything to do with electricity can be dangerous and should not be handled by a novice.

Roofing: Here again, your roof is crucial to your well-being and as such should be left to the roofing experts. Your roof keeps you safe and warm and roofing repairs done by a novice can bring expensive results if not done properly. Better to let the pros handle it.

Painting or Drywall Projects: If they aren’t done perfectly, it’s no big deal to fix it, so a handyman is fine for painting and drywall home repairs. It’s easy to correct problems and it’s pretty inexpensive as well. Plus, mistakes in these areas will not put people in the house in danger.

Garage Doors: Most handymen have had experience in repairing or installing garage doors, therefore this is a job you could call them in for. Just make sure a professional tech comes in for bigger issues and maintenance or replacing parts.

Flooring: Most of the time, this can easily be a DIY project. If you have some experience and want to take it on, feel free. Your handyman is also usually qualified for laying flooring. It’s not the same for carpet—hard or laminate flooring is pretty easy, but carpet requires a different skillset and tools. Go with word of mouth when looking for a handyman Myrtle Beach. Ask around and let your friends recommend who they use.

It’s worth its weight in gold to have a guy around who can take care of the myriad of small jobs and repairs around the house! For more information, call us today at The Handyman! You may reach us at (843) 286-5873.

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