Do I Need Expert Handyman Services To Weather-Strip My Doors?

handymanWeather-stripping your doors is an important maintenance task that you can either leave to a professional handyman service or do on your own. You can choose to hire your local handyman and have him weather-strip your doors and windows. On the other hand, if you have the time, the necessary tools and skills, you can also opt to do it on your own.

Why do you need to weather-strip doors and windows?

If your doors and windows are not properly weather-stripped, the filtered cold or warm air coming from your HVAC will escape through the gaps in your doors and windows. As a result, your ventilation system will have to work extra hard and use more energy to cool down or heat your home; thus, your utility bills increase dramatically.
Weather-stripping your doors and windows on your own

If you would like to do this home maintenance task on your own, you will need to purchase long weather-strips, enough for all the doors and windows that you want to seal. You will also need sharp scissors and small-toothed saw to cut the weather strip and 1 and ½ inch nails to install them in your doors and windows.

You will need to cut the weather-stripping to the right side of your door and window frames. To do this, you should start measuring the top of the frame by fitting the weather-stripping against it. Cut the right size by using scissors for the foam and the small-toothed saw for the wood part. It would help you get a better seal if you sand the edges of the wood part.

When measuring the amount of weather-stripping you need for the sides of the frame, allow 1-2 inches in excess to both ends so that it overlaps the top and bottom weather-strips when installed. To fix it into place, you will need to use the nails. Make sure the foam part faces your door or window when installed.

Before hammering all the nails down completely, you will need to make sure you have a good seal. You can determine by this closing and opening the doors and windows after you have partially installed the nails. Find out whether or not the seal is tight and that it opens and closes all the way. You also need to make sure that the latches close without any other interference. For fixing any damages and other home repairs, call a handyman.

Calling professional handyman service

This maintenance task involves lots of time, effort, skill, and tools. And if you have little or no idea about weather-stripping, you will want to hire a professional Myrtle Beach handyman service instead. This will effectively allow you to save more money and prevent you from paying unnecessary expenses on the further damage that you are bound to make if you attempt to accomplish this task on your own.

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