Handyman Tips To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

handymanAs summer rolls around, many homeowners are looking for handyman tips to help them keep their home cool during the summer season. This is particularly true for those families who do not want to rely on their air conditioners and ventilation system since this can prove to be very costly – considering the increase in electricity and utility bills as well as the need for more regular maintenance and system checkups.
Fortunately, there are alternative ways to keep the house cool and airy during summer. So, if you want to generate savings from your electricity bills and to be able to better maintain your air conditioners, consider these helpful Myrtle Beach handyman tips.

Summer Handyman Tips

Use a fan
To help cool your body during a hot summer day, sit underneath or near a fan. Although it does not give off the cold air or does not help lower the temperature of your indoor air, it does not use as much electricity as an air conditioning unit. Plus, it helps circulate natural breeze throughout the house.
Block the rays of the sun
One of the reasons why your home can get hot during the day is because of the sun’s rays. When it comes inside your home, particularly during lunchtime and through the afternoon, it helps increase the temperature inside the house. Preventing the sun’s rays from entering your home will help maintain a comfortable temperature.
To do this, you will need to install blinds on your windows. Close them from lunchtime through the afternoon as these are the hottest time of day. If you have big glass windows, consider having a handyman install sunshades outside. This effectively prevents sunlight from coming into the house and reflecting off of your glass windows.
Ensure proper insulation
This is important if you choose to run your air conditioner for longer hours throughout the summer season. A properly insulated home keeps the heat outside and the cool air inside. It prevents the transfer of heat from outdoors to indoors; thereby, helping your air conditioner to keep your house cool. This also ensures that your air conditioning unit is not overused and will not use excess electricity to produce cold air.
Make sure your doors and windows are tightly sealed
Aside from proper insulation, you should also make sure that your doors and windows are tightly sealed – that there are no gaps in between the edges. Note that these gaps, regardless of the size, can leak cold air outside and can let hot outdoor air inside your home. As a result, your air conditioner will have to work harder to produce more cold air and you need to exert more effort in keeping the house cool. Seek professional assistance from a professional handyman to ensure there are no gaps in between your windows and doors. You may also require the services of a handyman for other home repairs.
Avoid using large appliances during the day
These types of appliances such as the oven or washer/dryer give off heat when operating. If possible, avoid using these appliances during the day, especially during the hottest time of the day. You can run them at night when it is cooler and when everyone else is sleeping. This way you are not adding to the already warm temperature inside the house, particularly when everyone is busy with daily chores and activities.
Use a dehumidifier
According to many professionals, heat is often bearable when it is dry. Thus, they recommend using dehumidifiers to remove moisture from your indoor air. The most effective dehumidifier to use is one that runs automatically when indoor humidity reaches more than 60 percent. This way, the device will not have to use a lot of electricity.
Shut doors and windows
If you are going to use your air conditioner unit, gather everyone in one room and close the doors and windows throughout the house. This way, your air conditioner will not have to use up a lot of electricity in order to cool down the entire house. The smaller the area that your air conditioner has to cool, the faster it will be able to produce cold air and, not use a lot of electricity as it operates.
Open windows at night
The night air is cooler than natural air in the day. By opening your windows at night, you let cool night air inside, which can help chase away the heat that has accumulated inside the house from the long hot day. On the other hand, be sure to have a handyman install secure screens to prevent bugs, insects and other pests from coming inside your home.

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