Tips of a Handyman For Creating A Multi-Purpose Guest Room

handymanIf you have guests coming to visit, naturally, you would want to give a comfortable and inviting space for them to stay and sleep. We have all been guests in homes where the host had the best intentions but still managed to put us in that infamous office with a sofa bed that felt more like a torture device than a bed! But it does not have to be that way again. If you have a guest room that needs to serve other functions when you do not have guests around, there are ways you can have both. Read on for some great tips from Myrtle Beach’s premier handyman

Guide of a Handyman to Creating Dual Space

There is no reason to skimp out on aesthetics just because you also want functionality on top of home repairs! When your guests use your spare room as a guest room, you would want them to feel at home, even if it doubles as an office or another purpose. What you can do is to place a small basket of coffee samples, soaps or shampoos, or even chocolates on the bed to make them feel welcome. Make sure they have fresh towels as well. Even if the room is an office, put flowers or other decorative items to make it feel more inviting. You want your guest to feel that space is their own while they are with you, rather than feeling that they have intruded on your office space.

While many people use a futon or sofa bed, anyone who has slept on one of these knows it will not give them the most comfortable night of sleep! If you do go with a sofa bed, test it out yourself before putting a guest on it. If you feel uncomfortable or the mattress is thin, consider getting a thick mattress topper to put on top of it. This can be stored away when not in use. No one wants to feel that dreadful metal bar under their mattress, do they?

If you don’t want to put a full-size bed in the room, consider a Murphy bed. This is a bed that comes down from the wall. It is a fun option that can be easily installed by a handyman, and when you need the space back, it can be folded up back into the wall. It is a classic and unique way to get a real bed for your guests.

The last thing you want is for your visitors to leave with a backache from a bad night’s sleep. If you need more ideas on how to make your guest room serve more than one purpose, call Myrtle Beach handyman. He’ll get the job done right the first time and keep you from a DIY nightmare.

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