How Can Your Handyman Help Modify Your Home For Aging Parents?

handyman Myrtle BeachAre your parents aging fast? If your dearly beloved parents are way beyond their prime and in retirement, it’s likely that you need to do some modifications to your home. According to data from the American Association of Retired Persons, 90% of elderly people choose to stay in their homes as they age. However, this cannot be done unless there are modifications to the home. You could hire a contractor to do all of the changes or you could hire a handyman Myrtle Beach. The latter option is more sensible if you want to save on costs.

Here are some modifications a handyman Myrtle Beach can help you with:

Replace cabinet door handles

Caring for the elderly is difficult since they no longer have the physical ability to do things normally. Even opening drawers can be a difficult task at times. Traditional cabinet knobs are often hard for elderly people with arthritis to grab properly. What you need is to change the knobs to D handles. This way, the elderly could easily open drawers and doors without any problem. Installing the D handles is an easy task for your local Handyman Myrtle Beach Myrtle Beach, SC.

Install railings and grab bars in different areas

Another important addition to the homes of elderly people are railings and grab bars. Due to their age, the elderly will likely have a hard time keeping themselves balanced. The act of getting up alone is a monumental task already. However, with the addition of grab bars and railings throughout the home, the elderly could easily go up and about.

Add a corner seat in the shower

If you are into home remodeling and want to make a functional change to your parent’s bathroom, you should add a corner seat in the shower. Not every elderly person has the luxury of being able to stand for a full duration in the shower. Some need to sit down while getting cleaned. Adding a corner seat lightens the load for seniors.

Raise toilet seats

According to experts, bathrooms are dangerous places for elderly people. A lot of nasty falls occur in the bathroom as seniors reach for something below or above. As for toilet seats, they should be raised to give easier access to the elderly.

Widen doorways

All entryways inside the home must be widened to accommodate wheelchairs, walkers, or two people entering a door at the same time. This is an important feature modification since most elderly people rely on walkers and wheelchairs to move around. Conventional door sizes just aren’t built with wheelchairs in mind. You should hire a handyman to make these changes as soon as possible in order for your aging parents to easily move around the house without experiencing any difficulties.

If you need to modify any areas of your home to accommodate your aging parents, you can count on The Handyman. You may reach us at (843) 286-5873.

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