Handyman Service Repair For Low Water Pressure

handymanOne of the most common reasons why homeowners call in professional handyman service is when they have low water pressure. According to a professional handyman, there are different ways to repair low water pressure problems depending on what it specifically affects.
Low water pressure often primarily affects faucets, showers, toilets, and bathrooms. If it affects each of these fixtures individually, the repair is easy and simple for any homeowner to do on their own. On the other hand, if it affects all these fixtures and the entire house, you may be facing a bigger problem and may need professional plumbing assistance.

Here are some basic Myrtle Beach handyman service repairs that homeowners can do on their own to resolve low water pressure.

If you notice the faucet in your kitchen or bathroom has low water pressure, check your aerator if it needs cleaning. A dirty aerator may be blocking the continuous flow of water in your kitchen faucet. You can easily remove the aerator by hand or by using pliers. If you notice limescale buildup, the best way to remove it is to soak the aerator in vinegar for at least 8 hours. The vinegar will dissolve the minerals that are blocking the aerator and preventing continuous water flow. You can opt to soak it longer if there is still limescale buildup.
You can tell your toilets have low water pressure when it takes a longer time than ordinary to fill. Professional handyman Myrtle Beach says this is due to a bad fill valve. To check whether or not your fill valve is bad, you need to turn the angle stop off and remove the flex line from the toilet and place it in another container. Once set, switch the angle stop back on watch the water pressure from the flex line. If it is slow, you need to replace your fill valve.
Low water pressure in showerheads is often caused by clogging in the showerhead. The clog is due to mineral deposits from the hard water. These couldn’t flow through the showerhead so they get stuck and prevent the continuous flow of water.
Handyman home repairs recommended for this is to remove the showerhead and soak it in vinegar to dissolve the clogged mineral deposits. To ensure water flow will return to normal, turn on the water while still cleaning the showerhead. This will help remove any other debris that may be blocking the shower pipe. After cleaning the showerhead replace it to your shower and test the water flow.
Washing machine water supply
Your washing machine is also another fixture that may be affected by low water pressure. You can tell you have water pressure problems in the water supply of your washing machine if it fills slowly. This may be caused by clogged screens or supply hoses.
You will need to clean the screens to remove the accumulated mineral deposits. To do this, remove the supply hoses from your washing machine. You’ll find the screens at the end of the house and on the washing machine where the supply hose is connected. Clean the screens with vinegar to dissolve the accumulated mineral deposits.

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