Fun Spring Projects For a Handyman

handymanSpring has finally come! The sun is out, it’s a good day to spend your day outdoors with friends and family. Isn’t it nice to have some delicious food served in the company of good friends? But you suddenly realized you need some picnic tables and chairs to make it happen. What do you do? You finally decide to channel the inner handyman in you and figure out a way to utilize old wood pallets in your garage, an old picnic table, and some worn-out children’s chairs.

Here’s Four Easy Handyman Spring Projects For You:

Patio table with coolers

Remember how you were asked to get cold drinks just as you were to sit down for dinner? Worry not, because you won’t be doing that anymore with this patio table beer/ wine coolers. This project can be done in two ways, one is using removable planter boxes and the other is a built-in cooler.
Using your old wooden picnic table, simply measure a rectangular space in the middle of the table where the planter boxes could fit. Cut inside the wooden part but make sure that you leave enough space so the planter boxes could easily be lifted in between the wood. For built-in coolers, you could simply glue the planter boxes so you don’t need to replace them. You can hire a Myrtle Beach handyman for this task.
Pillows sewn together as quilts

This is another super simple and easy-to-do spring project. Simply sew pillows together to make a quilt that you can use outdoors during picnics or indoors during movie nights.

Pallet Planters

Another project that could create an inviting outdoor space is a beautiful garden, however, you do not have that much outdoor space left. Why not re-purpose wooden pallets into beautiful garden planters. The easiest way is to hang the pallet on your garden wall, attached hooks where you can hang plant boxes filled with beautiful flowers or herbs.

Colorful modern children’s chairs

Give life to boring and worn-out kid’s wooden chairs by simply repainting them with bright colors. What you will need is sandpaper, a paintbrush, and some colorful wood paint. You will need to remove the old paint by sanding it with low grit sandpaper. One thing to remember is to sand along the wood’s grain then smooth out the surface by brushing or wiping the sandpapered area. Now, your chairs are ready for painting.

While these are amazing and fun projects to do this spring, you cannot ignore the fact that the winter season left some things in your home needing full repair that neither up-cycling nor repainting can do. You can also hire a handyman to do some minor home repair while everything else is going on.

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