Expert Handyman Tips For Professional Painting Of Your Home

Handyman Myrtle BeachMany experts will agree that painting is the easiest and most cost-efficient way to change the way your home looks. By repainting your walls or your cabinets, you will be able to transform your house and effectively create a whole new atmosphere without spending a lot of money and without having to replace any furniture.

Although it may seem simple, there is a specific process to follow to ensure that you properly paint your walls. This is most especially true if you want your walls to seem professionally done. Here are some helpful tips from a handyman that you can follow to ensure you get the results that you want when you paint your walls.

Painting Tips From The Professionals

Consider how you want your room to appear to your guests when choosing your new wall color
Choosing the new color of your walls is not just a matter of choosing a hue from one of your favorite colors or choosing the latest trending color. Note that the color that you choose for your room will actually affect the mood that you are creating for that room. For example, dark colors make a room feel warmer and more comfortable as they tend to pull everything together toward them. Lighter colors, on the other hand, has the opposite effect. It makes the room feel more airy and open.

Carefully choose your finish

Similarly, with the paint color, the type of finish you choose will also affect the mood that you are creating in the room. However, many experts highly recommend the matte finish as it is easy to clean and it effectively covers imperfections on your wall. So if you did not do a fantastic job in painting your wall, you can cover any imperfections by using a matte finish.

Test the color and finish you chose

It helps if you test out the color and finish you chose before you actually buy gallons of paint. It saves you money plus it helps you ensure that the colors and finish you chose work compatibly. Also, it will be easy for you to have them replaced and changed if it did not provide the effect that you want. Most paint makers today have oversized paint samples that are in 8.5-inch x 5.5. inch squares. They will provide you with these samples for the color and finish you chose. You can then tape them on your wall and see whether it creates the mood that you want.

Gather your supplies

If you have already done some painting, you probably have the essential tools that you need. Otherwise, here is a list of supplies that you need for your first paint job:

  • Sandpaper, putty knife, scraper, caulk and caulk gun for repairing minor damages on the wall before you paint it
  • Roller handle and roller cover
  • Plastic sheeting to cover the entire floor of the room
  • Paint tray
  • Extra bucket
  • Two-step ladder with a shelf to help you reach the wall area near the ceiling

Prep the walls by doing some minor repairs

Before you actually paint the walls, it helps if you do an overall inspection to look for dings, cracks and nail holes. These will not come out great after you painted the wall so you need to repair them and cover them up. Cover holes and cracks with putty or caulk. Use the sandpaper to even and smoothen the surfaces.

Prep the entire room

Once the walls are ready to be painted, you will need to prepare the entire room by laying out your plastic sheets. Cover everything that you are not going to paint. Remove the furniture inside the room and cover the rest that cannot be moved. You also want to cover your flooring especially those that are right below the walls that you will be painting. Cover small areas in the ceiling and flooring with painter’s tape to ensure you don’t get paint on other parts of the room.

Paint the walls using your roller brush

Before you start painting, be sure that you have properly applied the painter’s tape. It should be in a straight line. When you’re ready, coat the walls with paint using your roller brush, making sure you run the roller into the edges. Wait until the paint dries before removing the painter’s tape. Note that one of the most common signs of a professionally painted wall is the clean-cut lines, meaning no excess paint on areas that should not be painted such as the ceiling and the trim.

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