Expert Handyman Tips And Tricks For More Bathroom Storage

Handyman Myrtle BeachIf you have a small bathroom, you will surely find these expert handyman tips and tricks for creating more storage very helpful. You do not have to spend hours figuring out how to fit all your hygiene essentials and necessities inside your small bathroom. You also do not have to spend money on expensive storage systems and cabinets for your bathroom. All you need is a little creativity and some time and effort.

Here is what you need to do to maximize the space in your bathroom and magically create additional space for all your essentials.

  1. Use your cabinet shelves as toothbrush organizer
    If you put your toothbrushes in your bathroom cabinet, this handyman trick is what you need to keep them organized and prevent them from falling off every time you open your cabinet. What you need to do is to cut notches in the cabinet shelves. Make sure the notches are just the right size for holding your toothbrushes without having them slip through the notches. This works great if you have extra space in your cabinet and if it has evenly spaced shelves.
  2. Make your own razor holder
    If you are getting tired of picking up your razor from the tub every time it slips through the cracks in your shower caddy, you can opt to make your own razor holder. All you need is a 1-inch PVC pipe that is cut at the length of your razor, preferably 3 inches long. You will have to cut notches in the pipe, about 1/8 inches in width to allow you to attach the PVC pipe to your caddy. Hook tie wraps in the notches and ties the PVC pipe to your shower caddy. Pop in your razor and you will never have to bend down to pick it up from your shower floor again.
  3. Instantly access your electric toothbrush
    If you use an electric toothbrush, you are probably having difficulty storing them since they generally do not fit in most toothbrush holders and take up a lot of space in your vanity cabinet. Do not worry because you can make your own electric toothbrush holder. All you need is a large grip-type clip. Mount this at the side of your bathroom cabinet, if it is wood. If not, mount the clips on any piece of wood that you can hang on your wall.
  4. Use tempered glass shelf
    To better organize your bottles of shampoos and body wash, handyman professionals suggest installing a tempered glass shelf in your bathroom, particularly in the shower area. The reason why you want to use tempered glass is that installation is easy. It only needs two screws for support. The glass is attached to the wall through the screws and cables. Aside from being highly secure, the purchase and installation of tempered glass shelf are very affordable. You can buy them from your local home depot or hardware. But you can also buy online.
  5. Organizing your hair styling tools and their cords
    Using several hair styling tools can make your vanity cabinets and drawers crowded and messy. And even if you organize them a couple of times every day, you still find it cluttered. To permanently prevent your hair styling tools from cluttering your drawers, you will have to create holsters for your tools and their cords. Aside from keeping them away from your drawers, it will become easier for you to find, use and keep them away when you’re done using them.

For the holster, you will need a 2-inch PVC that is cut into two with 5 inches in length. Attach the PVC pipes to the door of your cabinet. This is where you will keep your hair styling tools. For the cords, you will need similar PVC pipes cut into 3 inches in and 1.5 inches in width. You can adjust the length depending on the size of your hair styling tool. Also, be sure to let the tools and equipment cool down appropriately before trying out your new holsters.

  1. Adhesive tiles for you space under your cabinet
    To make the most out of the available space under your cabinet and make it more pleasing to the eyes, opt to lay out adhesive tiles on them. There is a wide range of designs and styles that you can choose from to match your theme. The best thing about these tiles is they are highly affordable and easy to clean and install.

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