Update Your Home Repair Checklist for Spring

Myrtle Beach Home RepairSpring is finally here and what better way to get back on your feet than to go outdoors and take on some household chores. Since winter is finally over, you can now go outside and check for any possible damages in need of immediate repair before summer starts.

We consulted with a handyman and asked for tips on home repair and other home maintenance tasks this spring.

Spring Home Repair Tasks

  1. Start with the roof, gutters and downspouts

Make it a habit to clean gutters and downspouts right after the winter season. Clogged gutters and downspouts can trigger the wood trim at the eaves to rot, which can welcome all type of animals into your attic area. Cleaning this part of your house will also help avoid rain damage.

The winter season storms put a strain on your roofing system which is why springtime is the best time to have it checked. Try to look for missing shingles or metal pipelines that are out of place. If you do not feel safe climbing on a roof, you call a handyman to do it for you.

  1. Reseal outside woodwork.

Structures and fixture outside your home (railings, fences, wood decks, etc.) will last longer and remain in good condition if they are resealed or re-stained once every few years.

  1. Look for indications of termites.

The months starting in March until May or June is the best time to watch out for these winged pests. According to pest control professionals, termites swarm during the spring season and should be dealt with immediately.

  1. Paint outside.

If you’re preparing to repaint your house’s exterior this year, spring is a great time to set it up. Explore your town and breeze images of home colors you like, search pictures on Houzz or deal with a color specialist to get that just-right color.

  1. Inspect screen windows and doors.

Screens are developed to let the breeze circulation in and keep bugs out– however, they can just do their task if they’re devoid of holes and tears. Before setting up your screens for the warm months ahead, make sure to thoroughly inspect each one and fix any holes or tears, no matter how little. You can discover screen repair work sets at many hardware and home improvement shops.

  1. Fix air-conditioning service.

Home inspectors see a great deal of air-conditioning systems that are simply not properly maintained. According to a handyman, even if it gets cool does not indicate it is working effectively To get the longest life out of your cooling system and keep it running as effectively as possible, be sure to change the filters at least every season, and employ a certified expert to service the devices before the start of summer season.

Work with a professional handyman service provider for the best and most appropriate home repair plan this spring. Contact the Handyman now.

The Handyman
Myrtle Beach, SC