Tips For Quick And Easy Clean Up After A Painting Project

Handyman Myrtle BeachAccording to a professional handyman, the key to quick and easy clean up after a painting project is making the necessary preparations. Before you open that can of paint and dip your brush inside, there are some things that you should do to minimize, if not avoid, the spatters of paint on areas that you will not be painting.

When you are done applying paint, you are probably too tired and exhausted to clean paint spills and splatters. As a result, you are more likely to do a substandard job and may not be able to completely clean the spills and stains. Thus, you are left with an unsatisfactory paint job. To avoid all this from happening, consider doing the following preparations before you start painting.

Handyman Tips After A Painting Project

  1. Move furniture away from the walls.

If you are applying a new coat of paint on your walls, you should move any furniture away from the walls. Keep in mind that you need to have full access on areas that you will be working on so that it will be easy for you to apply paint. Also, you will likely be moving your ladder throughout the room as you paint so you need to make sure you have all the space that you need.

If possible move the furniture to a different room that you have maximum floor space where you can put all your paint materials. If there is no other room available to put your furniture while you paint, you can consider setting your chairs and tables upside down on larger couches. This effectively keeps the chairs and tables out of the way, plus it also serves as a covering for your couches.

  1. Cover your flooring with canvas or drop cloths.

For your safety, according to a handyman you should consider using canvas or drop cloths to cover your flooring instead of plastic. Plastic is slippery and difficult to manage and control even with the help of tape. You surely do not want your floor covering to move while you paint because if the plastic covering continues to move, it will eventually expose the flooring without your knowledge. The next time you dip your brush in the can of paint, splatters will surely find their way on your hardwood floor or expensive carpeting.

  1. Remove cover plates of the switches and outlets.

To make your painting job easier and make it look like it was done by a licensed professional, you should consider removing the cover plates of all the switches and outlets in the room where you are working. After this, cover the switches and outlets with tape.

Without the cover plates, it will be easy for you to paint since you are not worrying about accidentally applying paint on the cover plates. As a result, you will be able to finish the task quickly and more efficiently. However, you need to cover the exposed switches and plates with tape to protect them from paint splatters. Before the paint completely dries, remove the tape. And when the paint is completely dried, replace the cover plates. You will be surprised at how amazing and perfect your newly painted wall will look.

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