Tips for Hiring a Handyman

handymanIf you’re a homeowner, you know how important it is to have a reliable handyman on call for those jobs that come up. They might be repairs, or installations of appliances or lighting, ceiling fans, etc. If you find a good one, he’s worth his weight in gold, but how do you hire the best handyman out there? Here are some tips to help you.

Inquire about his insurance. Obviously you want to make sure he has the skills needed, but you also want to ask about whether or not he carries insurance. Ask about accidents he may have had and how they were handled. The bottom line here is do NOT hire uninsured handymen Myrtle Beach. The risk is too great.

Ask if they are properly equipped for the job. Do they have good tools? Are they resourceful if they don’t happen to have the right tools? Are they efficient? Having the right tools for the job is crucial. It’s ok to ask about this!

Make sure your time expectations are reasonable. Before you hire a handyman, make sure you discuss your desired completion date and be sure he can accomplish that. It might be hours for a small job or weeks for a very large job. If he can’t deliver simple time management even on a small job, you should steer clear. Ask him what he considers to be a good time frame and see if you can agree with that. You don’t want him rushing and being sloppy, but neither do you want him dawdling just to be able to take longer and charge more.

Give your handyman the proper information. You cannot expect prompt or proper results if you don’t give him adequate information. Be sure you provide all the necessary details before the job begins. You might want to make a list of different brands of materials you have throughout your home, such as which faucet types, which paint brand and color, etc. That way he can stay consistent with what has already been done. Allow him to get to know you, your home, and you will work with a handyman that you can build a relationship with for years to come!

Hiring a great handyman doesn’t have to be a chore. Just make sure you both understand exactly what the expectations are from both sides. And be sure you understand and agree on all the financial details as well. And finally, GET IT IN WRITING! We can’t stress this enough. Don’t ever just shake on it or make a verbal deal. It doesn’t hold any weight if the guy decides to cheat you. Everything should be in writing and in a contract form. Keep good records, receipts, etc.

The next time you need a handyman – Give The Handyman a call. No job too big and no job too small.

The Handyman
Myrtle Beach, SC