Tips For Finding A Responsible, Reliable Handyman

handymanThe first step when it comes to finding a great handyman or contractor is to begin by looking in the right places. Even if you have a phone book, don’t start flipping the pages. This is not a decision that you can simply leave to chance or to the company with the biggest ad. Start your search in these following locations:

  1. Yelp – a website where you can handymen, maintenance firms, and various types of contractors. They are all listed with the photos of their work, contact information, as well as several customer reviews to help you determine of he or she is the best one to hire.
  2. Angie’s List – although it’s a paid members only site, it remains as one of the most trustworthy resources when it comes to real reviews of various services ranging from babysitters to a Myrtle Beach handyman.
  3. Word of Mouth – it remains as the best way to find a handyman or repairman. You can ask any good contractor and they will tell you that their livelihood hinge on customer referrals. You should ask your neighbors and friends if they have had any work done on their home. If yes, you should ask who did the work.
  4. Message Boards/Community Bulletin Boards – in line with the word of mouth referrals, you should check your local message boards. These are common among organized communities.
  5. Local Hardware Store – Although it is unlikely that somebody at your local hardware store is just searching for a little side repair job, many hardware stores have bulletin boards where local contractors post their business cards, phone numbers, or web addresses to advertise the service they offer.

Interview Handyman First, Before Anything Else

At this point, you should have a short list of handymen that you would like to interview to check if they could deal with the work that has to be done. Whether it is building an addition or just hanging drapes, you should interview them first before you agree to anything else. Additionally, don’t just agree if they provide you with a raw estimate for the work that you need, especially if they have never seen your house, or have no clue of the scope of the work required.

Obtain References For Handyman

A decent handyman will be pleased to provide you with a list of homeowners that they have worked for in the past, what they have done, and would even show you photos of their previous jobs. They will also tell you how much it would actually cost, and show you the types of plans they will draw up for the task, how long they think it will take, and walk you through the details of what they plan to do with the job that needs to be done.

Get An Estimate and A Plan

Once you already have your potential handyman Myrtle Beach and you are impressed with their referrals, the next thing you need to do is get your estimates and have a firm plan for the job that needs to be done.

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