Do You Need Professional Handyman Service For Window Repair?

Handyman Service Myrtle BeachAs a homeowner, there are a lot of reasons why you would need professional a handyman service. And one of these reasons is window repair and replacement due to moisture or condensation problems, wood rot, dislodging parts, upgrading to energy efficient windows and many other different reasons.

If you’re calling a professional handyman service provider, it would help if you know the specific window problem you need help with and the corresponding repair.

Wood rot

The wooden parts of your window can rot when you have insufficient gutters or if your gutters are not working efficiently causing leaks and, thus, water to accumulate in your wooden window sills and frames. If you noticed the problem at its early stages, meaning there is only a small portion of the wood that has rotted, simply remove the rotten parts by digging it out. Use epoxies to fill the spaces that you have dug. Sand, prime, and paint the wooden parts of your window in your desired color to bring back its appeal and beauty. On the other hand, if a greater portion of the windowsills or frames has become rotten, you’ll need to consider having these parts replaced.

Presence of moisture and condensation

Moisture and condensation often occur when the seal between a double-paned window fails. To resolve this, you can either opt to replace the entire window or you can resort to creating vents in the insulated glass units. To do this, you need to create holes in the insulated glass and clean the panes before installing the vents. You can do this repair on your own, but it is highly suggested that you seek a professional handyman service to ensure the repair is completed properly.

Upgrading to energy efficient windows

If you want to upgrade to energy efficient windows, you need to prepare a huge amount of money because this upgrade does not come cheap. Although, you will surely gain back the money you spend through the savings that it will generate by reducing the amount of electricity you use to heat and cool your home.

If you don’t have the money to do the upgrade, you can always have your handyman install additional weather-stripping to your windows to help improve insulation throughout your home. This may not save as much money as energy efficient windows do, but adding weather-stripping will help reduce loss in heating and cooling energy.

Cracked or broken window pane

If you live near a park, your glass window panes can easily crack or be broken by flying balls or birds in flight. Should this happen to you, you’ll want to call a professional handyman at once to replace the broken window pane immediately. When the handyman successfully installed the new glass pane, you can opt to have him refinish the frame or you can do this on your own.

Dislodged parts

You’ll know are having problems with dislodged parts in your window when you’re having difficulties in opening and closing them completely. This is most likely due to broken lock part. To replace this, you’ll need the help of your handyman to get it out and replace the new one.

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