Myrtle Beach Home Repair Guide For The Busy Homeowner

Myrtle Beach Home RepairOne of the many critical skills a homeowner should have is basic Myrtle Beach home repair. This is especially true if you live in an area that is far from the local repairman or if no one is at home for the majority of the day during the week. If you find yourself unavailable to meet with a repairman, you need to brush up your basic repair skills so you won’t have to drag a handyman out of bed on a Sunday morning just to fix your leaking faucet.

If you are a busy homeowner, running errands or managing your business during the week and spending weekends with family and friends, you don’t need basic repair skills. What you need are quick and easy repair skills.

Myrtle Beach Home Repair Solutions For You

Listed below are some common household problems with quick and easy solutions for busy homeowners like you:

Rickety chairs

Instead of throwing away rickety chairs or leaving them to rot, you can actually make them sturdier by drilling pilot holes and driving long screws through the rungs and into the legs. If you do this before the chair gets rickety, it prevents the chair from being easily worn out, adding decades to the chair’s lifespan. If the chair is already rickety when you decide to do this quick fix, it will still make the chair stronger and last longer.

Make sure you use long enough screws that would pass through the rungs and into the legs. Also, try drilling the screws on all four legs of the chair for the best results.

Hole in the ceiling

Some home renovation projects may leave holes in your ceiling, especially if you decide to replace or remove light fixtures or fans from your ceilings. To repair and remove these holes would cost as much as it would repaint your ceiling. If you don’t want to be left staring at that hole while waiting to save money for the repair, consider installing a smoke detector right on the hole. This will not only cover the hole, but it also provides additional protection to your home!

Cabinet doors that won’t close

One of the more common problems in the household is when cabinet doors have become loose and no longer close properly. For some reason, they are insistent in opening no matter how hard you close them.

To quickly fix this, all you need is a magnetic door catch. These are easier to line up and install so it won’t really take you more than a couple of minutes to set this up. With this door catch in place, you will no longer worry about constantly bumping or tripping on that open cabinet door.

Water stain on the ceiling.

Water stains on your ceiling are never a cause for panic. They can easily be fixed in a few simple steps. For this Myrtle Beach Home Repair, you will need a water sprayer and a bleach and water solution. Make sure your solution contains 10 percent bleach. Also, it is best if you get plastic to cover your walls to prevent any damage.

Check back on the ceiling after 1-2 days of spraying to see if the stain has been removed. If not, you may need to contact a professional.

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