The Best 3 Myrtle Beach Handyman Tips For A Garage Makeover

handymanIf you are planning for a garage makeover, these Myrtle Beach handyman tips will help you. For most American homes, the garage has served as the catcher of all of the family’s stuff – from boxes of seasonal decorations and clothes to toys and equipment that are no longer used. Add to these the common items you place in the garage such as your garden and landscaping tools, dad’s power tools, and of course the family car.
Considering everything that you put in the garage, it can easily get cluttered and disorganized. As a result, you would find it difficult to find something that you need, causing you to buy another one. And when you no longer need it, you’ll realize that you’ve got two pieces of the same exact equipment.
If this story seems familiar to you, you definitely need a garage makeover. And to help you with this, here are the top 3 Myrtle Beach handyman tips that you should follow.

Clean and de-clutter

As much as you dread going through all those boxes and clutter in your garage, you need to do this because you will never get it organized and made over if you don’t. This is the first step in a garage makeover and if you’ve got a bunch of stuff in there, it’s best that you start cleaning and de-cluttering now.
Going through all your stuff is truly exhausting. Myrtle Beach handyman professionals highly recommend going through the boxes and containers one by one and dividing your stuff into four piles. One pile for all the stuff that you will toss out because you no longer need them, another pile for those things you can recycle. Then separate piles for the stuff that you will donate and sell.

It could be difficult to decide where to pile your stuff and you might end up not categorizing everything because you want to keep most of them. If you’re planning on doing this, stop because this will only forfeit the entire idea of de-cluttering. You want to reduce the things you keep in the garage and this is the best way to do that. To help you easily decide which pile something will be piled into, try to be motivated by all those charitable institutes that you’ll be able to help and the extra money you’ll make by selling some of your stuff that is still in great condition and has been barely used.

Careful organizational plan

Since your garage is finally empty, you’ll be able to easily and more efficiently create an organizational plan. But before you point out where to place your stuff or rush to the nearest home depot to buy organizational racks and dividers, Myrtle Beach handyman professionals suggest spending time to look and closely analyze your garage and for any Myrtle Beach home repairs. Complete your makeover by applying a fresh coat of paint if it needs it. Remember that organizing your garage is just a part of the makeover. You also need to redo or re-touch the physical appearance of the garage.

If you’re having problems organizing your stuff and putting them back in the garage in an orderly manner, dividing the garage into zones will help. You’ll categorize each zone based on all the stuff that you put in the garage. For example, you have a garden zone for your landscaping tools. You can also have a sporting zone for all your sports equipment. Assign a separate area in the garage to become the workshop zone. This is helpful if a member of the family likes to create things on his own. If he has a work table, make sure you have sufficient space for this.
After assigning the zones, plan on how you will place back all your stuff in the garage. Try to work with all the organizing cabinets and racks that you currently have and then go and buy everything else that you will need. Don’t forget the available space in your garage ceiling. That is almost as big as your floor space so you can store lots of things up there as well. There are lots of vertical racks and hoists available in many home depots that you can consider for your garage ceiling.
Remember to group together the things that go together and follow your zoning assignments. Place seasonal items and things that you don’t use regularly in higher shelves or in the ceiling racks.

Choose tailored solutions
When choosing for organizing solutions for your garage, make sure you choose smartly and buy only those that you really need. Also, it would help if you choose those solutions that are easy to install and use. There is a wide variety of different options that you can choose from your local home depot. Below is a list of the most common solutions from Myrtle Beach handyman experts that you can consider for home repairs.
Racks – These are indeed space savers as you can store lots of things using racks without wasting floor space. There are corner racks and ceiling racks that you can consider for your garage in order to maximize the use of space.
Storage cabinets – A great solution to make use of the wall space in your garage. It is best to choose versatile cabinets so you can adjust them any way you want to fit your needs and stuff.
Hooks – These are for hanging equipment on the wall or ceiling. The great thing about hooks is they are easy to use, available in any size, and very cheap.

Bins and tubs – These are for the stuff that you use frequently but need to store in the garage. These may include toys, tools and equipment, and supplies. Opt for bins and tubs that could be stacked on top of each other to further save space. The best thing about using tubs is they keep your stuff from getting dirty and they also help maintain an organized garage. Don’t forget to properly label each bin so you’ll know what it contains. Otherwise, opt for see-through bins and tubs with covers.

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