Myrtle Beach Handyman Shares Useful Home Repair Tips

handyman Myrtle BeachYou should be able to fix minor problems yourself, even if a Myrtle Beach handyman is not available. These home repairs can help ensure that your home runs smoothly and prevent costly and more serious problems from developing.

Handyman Home Repair Tips

1. How to fix a shutoff valve that is continuously operating.

You can replace your entire shutoff valve or the washer if it fails to turn off. If the valve is simple to replace, you can easily run to your local hardware store to get a new valve. You will need to replace your washer if the valve is not easy to replace.

You will need to turn off the main water valve and then remove the stem. To identify the correct washer, you will need to take the stem to a professional. The Handyman can help you determine the type of washer you need to repair your constantly running shutoff valve. Be sure to clean the valve before you place the washer. It should be clean of all grit, dirt, and other debris.

2. A tightening of a wobbly showerhead.

Expanding foam is the key to fixing a loose or wobbly shower head. You can find this product in most local hardware stores. Simply remove the trim rings and spray the expanding foam directly into the space between the pipe & wall. The foam will set and lock the pipe in place. To protect the other parts of your shower head, you can use painter’s tape. To prevent any damage to the walls, you might want to cover them with plastic.

3. Hidden a hole in your ceiling.

You don’t have to repair a hole in your ceiling or repaint it. A smoke detector can be used to cover the hole. Smoke detectors can be installed quickly and are inexpensive. You can hide the hole in your ceiling and add security to your home. You can also install other devices in your ceiling to conceal the hole. Ask your handyman for recommendations on the best and most cost-effective way to install it.

4. Keeping cabinet doors closed.

Cabinet doors can become loose over time and can be difficult to close. If this happens, it can pose a safety risk as someone could trip on an open cabinet. Install a magnetic door catch to keep your cabinet doors shut. They are easily installed and can be purchased at your local hardware store. To align the magnet catch and strike properly, all you need is a screwdriver.

5. Remove water stains from the ceiling

You will need bleach and water solution to effectively remove water stains from your ceiling. Combine 1 part bleach and 10 parts water in a spray bottle. Spray the solution on the water stain and let it sit for at least 1 to 2 days. Protect your walls against accidental spraying or splashing with the solution by covering them with plastic sheathing. To protect your eyes from the solution, you should wear safety glasses and gloves. Bleach is a dangerous chemical and should not be used without caution.

6. You can prevent your toilet chain from constantly kinking.

Your toilet chain may be kinking frequently, which can cause water to continue running in the tank, and thus water waste. Cover most of the chain with plastic straw to stop this. Slide the plastic through the chain and remove the chain from the arm.

For more handyman tips or home repairs, call the Handyman today.

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