Hurricane Preparation Tips You Need To Know

handyman servicesThe hurricane season is already here and homeowners need to prepare their homes and properties. With a hurricane heading to Myrtle Beach later in the week, you need to know the most important precautionary measures you can take for the impending big storm. Provided below is a six-point checklist that you can follow. You can also call your local handyman services for expert assistance.

Check Your Roof

There are many different components that you have to check before the hurricane hits but these will depend on your home’s current roof type. These parts may include the straps, soffits, tiles, shingles, and more. Call a professional handyman like The Handyman if you need to deal with tall heights or hot and humid heat. Your handyman can help prepare your home’s roof for the hurricane season.

Check Your Gutters

One of the basic hurricane preparation is to inspect your gutters and make sure that they can withstand hurricane season. They must be able to correctly funnel the rainwater down the roof and away from your home’s foundation. The Handyman can help inspect, repair, and even replace the gutters to make sure that they are ready for all the rain that the hurricane season brings.

Check Your Windows

If your windows break, it can produce internal air pressure differential problems. The glass shards can potentially harm those around you. To prevent this problem, the best solution is to install shutters.

Check The Awnings

Awnings are an excellent addition to any home. It provides more shade as well as a great cool cover during hot weather conditions. The question now is if your awnings can hold the strong winds and rain brought on by a hurricane. Hire Myrtle Beach handyman services to help you fasten or install new awnings before the hurricane hits.

Check Your Doors

Minimal door care and maintenance can go a long way. It is recommended to tighten and fasten your doors during the hurricane season. You also need to reinforce your garage doors.

Check Your Yard

This is among the most crucial steps in your preparation checklist for hurricane Florence. With the heavy rains and strong winds that hurricanes bring, it is a must to get rid of all extra tree branches and debris that are near your home and other property structures that are within your yard. All of the exterior furniture items in your home should also be stored away in a secured location because they can easily turn to flying debris and lead to serious damage when the hurricane hits. Your local handyman can help you with all the things that need to be moved or removed, depending on your choice.

Call The Handyman if you need expert help in preparing your home for the impending hurricane. You may reach us at (843) 286-5873.

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