How To Childproof Your Home

Childproof Myrtle BeachFor parents, the safety of their kids will always be one of their top priorities. Because of this, they make sure that their home is childproof like locking up the kitchen supplies and medicine cabinet, installing outlet covers as well as stove guards. Although constant supervision is the only surefire way of babyproofing your home, there are other things you can do to ensure the safety of your little ones. Of course you can seek out the assistance of a professional handyman.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Keep in mind that childproofing does not only involve children. Although there are safety changes that are specific to the needs of your young ones, you still have to make sure that your entire house is as safe as it can be for everyone. Be sure to set up smoke and carbon monoxide detectors on every floor of your house and in the basement, too. The detectors should be electrical and battery operated. You also need to set a date to check or change the batteries each month. It is also important to have a fire extinguisher in the basement and in the kitchen.

Air Quality

One of the most common problems these days is air pollution. This is not only rampant outside but also inside your home. Always remember that not smelling anything nasty does not mean that your air quality indoors is impeccable. You might not have negative reactions when exposed to dust and other allergens but your children’s health could be at risk. If you don’t want your kids to develop health issues like allergies and asthma, be sure to find ways to keep good air quality inside your home. Furthermore, don’t forget to hire a cleaning contractor to take care of your ductwork.

Take Care Of Your Pets

Keep in mind that some pets like turtles may carry salmonella. Even the famous cats and dogs could also pose health hazards. Keep your kids away from pet food dishes, which may harbor bacteria. In case your pet just had a flea treatment, keep them away from your kids for a while or until such time that the medication has dried thoroughly.

Secure The Windows

We have heard about kids accidentally pushing against screens and led to a disaster. Prevent your kids from climbing the windows by keeping furniture away. You should consider using metal window guards or other alternatives that will allow windows to open a little only. In case you are planning to install new windows with the help of a professional handyman Myrtle Beach, be sure to choose those that open at the top or above the halfway part. This will serve as another layer of protection against accidents.

Pick Indoor Plants Carefully

If you are considering to have plants inside your home, be sure to choose carefully. Some may require gravel or mulch, which could be dangerous to the health of your child when eaten. Those that come with marbles, rocks, or other decorations are choking hazards as well. To err on the side of caution, it is best to wait for your kids to become older.

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