Home Watch Services

In our neck of the woods, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, so many people own homes where they live only a portion of the year. They could be what we refer to as “snow birds” and come for the winter or simply come for a couple of months and then return home to be near children and grandchildren. Whatever your case, you need the peace of mind knowing that your home will be watched out for while you are gone.

Maybe you are a permanent resident of this area and are finally getting that chance to take an extended vacation and see the rest of the country. What are you doing to ensure your home is safe while your travel?

Home Watch Myrtle Beach ensures there are no surprises when you return home from that extended vacation or return to your home in the sun. We make sure that everything is taken care of and your home is safe and secure while you are away.

Just a few of the problems that you can experience while your home is unattended are:

  • Storm Damage
  • Vandalism and forced entry
  • Plumbing problems
  • Moisture build up which can cause mold
  • HVAC failures
  • Doors and windows left unlocked

The job of Home Watch Myrtle Beach is to ensure that your home is taken care of while you are not there. “No surprises on your return” is our goal. We provide professional packages at reasonable rates.

Why Use Home Watch Myrtle Beach?

  •  Parker Property Management and Home Watch will keep a watchful eye on your home so that issues such as weather damage, vandalism, maintenance, pests, leaks, and more do not become bigger problems while you are away. We provide home watch services in Horry County, SC, and Brunswick County, NC.
  • We specialize in the care and security of second homes or vacation homes for absentee homeowners. We also offer home maintenance services with our sister company, Gordy the Handyman, so those home issues or projects can be taken care even while you are away.
  •  As a member of Myrtle Beach Home Services, we have specialists available for every need, including a licensed electrician, plumber, HVAC specialist, organic pest control, and many other services that will help us keep your home safe and provide peace of mind.

Call us today at 843-390-1444 to discuss how we can ensure that your home will be a welcoming place when you return. We are your local home watch specialist.