Home Decorating Tips For The Holidays

handymanProvided below are 10 home decorating tips from an expert handyman to make your home look festive for the holiday season. Hopefully, your holiday decorating will be safer, easier, faster, and more fun.

Holiday Light Hangers

When you are hanging holiday lights, attach the wires using clothespin. This is way easier and much safer compared to the conventional method of poking nails into aluminum fascia and soffits.

Lazy Susan Tree Stand For Wood Floors

Decorating your tree with Christmas lights can be quite a pain. You may even wind up scratching your hardwood floor and having to pay handyman Myrtle Beach to help you with the repairs. To avoid that, you can place a bath rug under the tree stand, with the rubber side up and the fabric side down. You can easily turn the tree so you can string your Christmas lights and put the ornaments where you want them. Once done, you can simply fold the rug underneath the tree skirt to keep it concealed. You can also use this method to take down the decorations.

Tree In A Tube

Are you considering an artificial Christmas tree but have concerns about the storage space that it will take up? You should try to store it in 8-inch diameter tubes made out of concrete. Wrap every layer of the tree in twine and store half of the Christmas tree layers in a single tube and the other half in a different tube, making it an excellent solution.

Hose Reel For Your Christmas Lights

If you want to keep your holiday lights from getting tangled and to also make it a lot easier for you to string them around your backyard, you can roll them onto a handy hose reel with a handle and wheels. You can then install the lights in your yard. You can roll them off as much as you need without that much inconvenience

Handy Clips For Your Outdoor Lights

In case you are using an artificial Christmas tree, you should consider taping the layers together and label them so you won’t get confused when you use it next year.

Zip Tie Your Holiday Decors

Zip ties have long been known as an inexpensive and easy method to string Christmas lights on fences and banisters without marring your railing with nail marks.

No Spill Christmas Tree

Use a plastic snow saucer to keep water corralled. It is also an excellent way to prevent the water from your Christmas tree from overflowing and staining your floor. Put a carpet remnant underneath the saucer to avoid scratching the wood flooring.

Spool Center

Don’t keep twine, tape, and ribbon spools in a drawer because it looks untidy, makes it harder to locate things and wastes a lot of space. As an alternative, you should install a paper towel holder in your craft room window. This is an excellent organizing idea that can will always keep your ribbon and tape handy.

Outdoor Remote Control

Do you hate going out in the cold to turn off your outdoor holiday lights? Why don’t you use an outdoor remote control switch? This will allow you to control your holiday lights even when you are inside your house. All you need to do is plug the switch in any outdoor outlet and then control it by using the small transmitter that comes with it.

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