Helpful Handyman Tips To Ensure Safety In DIY Projects

handymanAccording to a Myrtle Beach handyman, a DIY project should not be taken lightly. Utmost care and safety should be observed when working on your own and using power tools and hand tools without professional assistance. Accidents could happen even to those well experienced DIYers if safety is not practiced efficiently.

Note that there are hundreds to thousands of medical reports referring to emergencies as a result of using power tools and hand tools. Regardless of how long you have been using your tools and working on your own, it still helps to learn about safety practices. Here are some of the most important and easiest safety measures that you can do while working on your home renovation without professional handyman assistance from The Handyman.

  1. Avoid using a table saw fence as a crosscutting guide.

When you use a table saw as a crosscutting guide, you risk having the board thrown back to you. This happens because it gets pinched between the blade and the fence. The force by which the board will get thrown will depend on the power setting of the blade. The resulting injuries from this accident range from broken thumbs and punctured eyes to cracked ribs and ruptured spleens.

  1. Place your hands and body away from the direct path of a circular saw.

One of the common problems when operating a circular saw is it can shoot backwards very quickly that you will not have time to remove your hands and body. To keep your hands and body safe from the dangerous circular saw, you must place them away from the direct path of the circular saw. If possible, have both of your hands on the saw at all times and place your body to the side of the saw and not directly behind the saw.

  1. Do not place your hand near the muzzle of a nail gun.

The danger of using nail guns is that the nails could glance off and shoot in a different direction from where you are aiming it at. And if you hold the boards and place your hand near the muzzle of the nail gun, your hand can accidentally be the receiving end of the nail. Aside from your hands, the nails can also shoot off and go straight to your eyes. This is why your handyman highly recommends wearing eye protection such as goggles when using the nail gun.

  1. Care is still essential even when you are using your utility knife.

You may notice that your Myrtle Beach handyman uses utility knives very carefully. Boards to be cut are clamped in place so that it will not move. Also, they place their fingers on the dull side of the blade. When holding the utility knife, utmost care is observed. Note that a single slip from the utility knife can cost you your fingers or can result to slashes in any body part that it will accidentally reach.

  1. Avoid leaving tools on top of your ladder.

Although this is a very simple tip that everyone already knows, there are still lots of individuals who forget this simple safety precaution. Regardless of whether you will only be leaving the tools for a couple of minutes or just resting, it is extremely important that you leave nothing on top of the ladder. Even the slightest bump to the ladder or to the wall can cause the ladder to shake and, thus, anything on top of it will topple over and fall on the head of the unfortunate individual.

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