Do You Need A Handyman or a Tradesperson?

handymanThe handyman business is a booming. With this type of gig attracting people who are independent, part time, and mobile, they are diversifying their skills and promoting themselves on different websites. The handyman sector’s revenue is expected to reach as much as $1003.9 million.

Compared to a tradesperson, a handyman earns $30 per hour on average. Plus, they have more skills that are suitable for home repair and maintenance. Additionally, they don’t need a license to do their work. However, they have to insured for property, third party, and personal damage. With an increasing number of people adding more value on their time, those odd household tasks that were previously saved for a rainy day can now be handled by these professionals.

Handyman and Home Repairs

A handyman can do home repairs, which include replacing fence palings and re-grouting bathroom tiles. They could also fix a hole in the wall or repair a fly screen. When homeowners require general home maintenance, they can call upon a handyman Myrtle Beach.

Most homeowners don’t like to do chores like cleaning, tidying, pruning, and sorting. They generally hire other people to do these jobs for them. They can hire a handyman to clean the gutters, paint their walls, or fix the mess that’s been hiding under their homes.

They could also install a home entertainment system, mirrors, pictures, and mount brackets. They can also install curtains and blinds, flat pack furniture or kitchens a lot faster.

When To Call A Tradesperson?

You need a licensed tradesperson if the job involves the structural integrity of a building. Any carpentry work, cement laying, and bricklaying needs the expertise of a tradesperson.

Every state has different license requirements for trade work. Any plumbing and electrical work need a licensed professional. Electricity can be dangerous and that’s why you need the help of a qualified electrician to get these jobs done for you.

Work related to draining, gas fitting, and plumbing need a licensed professional as well. A skilled handyman may think changing a washer is something he could do without any problem, but if a problem comes up, the warranty of the product could become void and you’ll find it hard to claim insurance.

A plumber needs to go through four years of training as an apprentice and then be on the job for two years before they are given their license.

A cabinet maker or a joiner is another trade that needs a specialized equipment and skill set that some handyman may not have. He may be able to assemble a flat pack kitchen however a joiner must go through a workshop to make furniture that’s built into the home.

The training, mentoring, as well as the licensing of tradespeople would provide them with a narrower skill set compared to a handyman. However, this is a particular expertise that a homeowner may have to depend on instead of something that’s general.

Call The Handyman if you need the help of a professional who can deal with your home repair or maintenance needs.

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