Myrtle Beach Handyman Tips In Using Pegboards For Home Organization

handymanAccording to a Myrtle Beach handyman, the most common tool to use for organizing a household is a pegboard. They can be used as panels and be installed with hooks to provide more organization options to household owners. In fact, you will often see the use of pegboards in many grocery and hardware stores as they are used to hang and display the many products available in the marketplace.
If retailers are using pegboards for displaying and organizing products, it is also a great way to organize your home. Here are some tips from your local Myrtle Beach handyman on how you can effectively use pegboards to organize your home.

Home Organization Tips From A Handyman

Get to know pegboard holes
Pegboards are made with holes that are spaced evenly. These holes have two different thicknesses and sizes to provide and serve a different purpose. A pegboard that has small holes can only be used to hang and organize lightweight items. Only small hooks and pegs can be used with this type of pegboard.
If you are looking to hang and organize your bigger and heavier tools, you would opt for pegboards that have bigger holes. These are what you often see in many hardware stores. Thus, these bigger pegboards are more commonly used in garages and workshops. Bigger pegboards also mean easier access to tools that make for quicker home repairs.
Lock the hooks in place
Hooks are used with pegboards as these are what you use to hang your tools and different items. To ensure the hooks will not fall off when you remove an item or tool in the pegboard, you should consider locking them in place. There are different ways to do this. For an easy and affordable solution, you can use zip ties. Be sure to do this before hanging the pegboard on your wall. Otherwise, you will have difficulty inserting the zip tie around the back of the pegboard.

If you have already installed your pegboard on the wall, you can still lock the hooks in place by adding a dab of hot melted glue at the end of the hook before inserting it into the pegboard. Or if you have extra cash, you can purchase pegboard clips to lock your hooks in place. These clips are specifically designed to hold pegboard hooks in place.
Create sturdy standoffs
According to a handyman, pegboard panels need to have sufficient space at the back, or standoffs, when you lay them out on your wall. This space is where the ends of your hooks will go when you insert them in your pegboard. There are pegboards that already have standoffs when you buy them. But if you have bought pegboard panels without standoffs, you can easily create them using commercial plastic spacers or screws and nuts.
Make sure you set up a sufficient amount of spacers depending on the size of your pegboard. To add more support to larger pegboards, consider installing standoffs in the center of the pegboard.
Get more with hooks
Aside from traditional hooks, you can use other materials to hang your items on pegboards. What is great about the use of pegboards is that you do not have to buy additional materials to maximize your use of them. Most of the hooks that you need can be found around your house.

For example, you can use binder clips to hang a canvass tool pouch on the hooks. Hang wood dowels to organize rolls of wrapping paper, ribbons, and strings on your pegboard. And with the use of long hooks and unused PVC pipes, you can place pencils, brushes, and zip ties on your pegboard.
All you need is creativity and imagination and you can hang and organize practically anything and everything on your pegboards. For more recommendations, consult with an organizing expert.
Go beyond hooks
If you don’t want to use hooks on your pegboards, you can use tool holders and organizers along with your pegboards. Simply screw them into your pegboards as you would when installing the pegboard on the wall. On the other hand, make sure you use the right size screws and bolts for your size of pegboard. Also, note the weight of the items and tools that you will place in the tool holders and organizers.

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