Handyman Tips To Block Sun’s Heat From Home Windows

handymanSunlight is essential to us, however, being exposed to it for too long can be dangerous to your health. To escape the blazing sun, the most convenient method is to stay in your home and blast the air conditioner to its maximum. It may work for a short period but what about the sun’s heat that keeps slipping inside your house through the doors and windows? The heat coming from your windows doubles the work of your air conditioning unit and makes it extremely hard to maintain an ideal temperature inside the house. During this warmer time of the year, your windows can make your home seem like a greenhouse by letting the heat in and not letting it escape. A handyman can help you achieve good results.


Summer Season Window Treatments for Your Home

To help you combat the heat and keep those huge energy expenses at bay, here are handyman-approved tips on the best ways to block heat from windows. Apart from the pain and annoyance, the sunlight going through your doors and windows can disrupt your power naps throughout the blazing afternoons, and affect your well-being too.

So, when the summer season heat knocks on your door this year, Myrtle Beach handyman will help you counter it with the very best window covers to keep heat out.


They block the heat and reflect the scorching sunlight back during the summer seasons. Usually, inexpensive, appropriate installation is essential if you wish to reap the benefits of these tones. Installing them extremely near the glass helps in creating a sealed space which blocks the sunlight. We have discovered four of the best window shade versions to keep the heat out:

  • Reversible Shades: These shades offer a 2-in-1 advantage. Light colored on one side and dark on the other, you can switch them according to the weather condition outside.
  • Roller and Roman Shades: Very cost-efficient, roller tones have a roller bar fitted at the top of the window. Roman tones are made from fabric, uniformly put together into a series of folds. Both of these shades are available in many colors, fabrics, and weaves.
  • Outdoor Solar Shades for Patio Doors: The ideal shades for your patio area doors are solar shades made of good quality screen. Long lasting and low upkeep, they reduce the glare and block the UV rays from interrupting the temperature level of your home. With a really sleek appearance, they look tidy on the sliding doors too. If you want to maintain the view and minimize the glare, solar tones will look after all of it.


You can adjust the slats in a blind to manage the light and ventilation in a space. Though exterior blinds are more reliable than the interior ones, it is not very easy to install them to an already-constructed window. They are perfect for newly built houses and block the heat prior to it even enters your space. If set up in the correct way, interior blinds can be utilized to reflect the sunshine to the ceiling which can spread the light without developing excessive heat inside. If your windows face major sunlight the majority of the day, blinds are the ideal window treatments for you.

Curtains and Drapes

Curtains and drapes make your room look more elegant. Although their capability to manage the heat relies on the material they are made of, professionals think that the medium colored draperies with liners can cut down the heat by a minimum of 33%. A cornice can be installed at the top of the drape to help block the sunlight from entering your home. Take an extra layer of preventive measure by hanging a few drape panels together and positioning them really near to the window. This will create a tighter airspace and obstruct the outside heat, while also providing the advantage of increased light control, privacy, and ornamental choices. For all home repairs and more, call a local handyman to help you out.

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