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Handyman Myrtle BeachAre you a homeowner that is short on time? Finding a good handyman service that can help you with projects and chores is one of the best investments you can make.  Although it may take some time for find a good handyman, you will find that effort will be worth it with the time you will save getting necessary repairs completed.

You will want to read our article on Tips on Finding a Good Handyman.  With today’s unemployment rate, there are a lot of people working out of the back of their truck with no license and proper insurance.  You have probably talked with friends who have had less than a pleasant experience with a handyman.  Many times the problem comes from a lack of understanding of what a handyman actually does.

What does a handyman offer?

Different handyman services will offer a different set of specific services.  You will want to discuss your specific needs and make sure that they handyman you call can handle what you need. It is helpful to hire a service that has employees with different skill sets. This way you will get the service you need and know that they are covered by workmen’s compensation insurance should anything happen. This will also be helpful if you have more than one project that needs to be completed.

You want to beware of the “jack of all trades” handyman that claims they have experience in whatever you need done.  Just because someone labels themselves as a handyman, doesn’t mean they can do any task. By hiring a service with more than one employee, you have a better chance of getting the experienced worker you need for the job at hand.

What Is The Skill Level Of The Average Handyman?

There are no set standards for handyman services.  There isn’t any governing body that states what they can and cannot do.  This is why it is so easy for an unemployed person to simply setup shop as a handyman.  At Myrtle Beach Handyman, we hire new employees with skill sets that complement our existing employees.  In that way we are able to cover a wider variety of needs you may request.  You won’t have to hire one handyman for plumbing repairs , for example, an another handyman for light electrical repairs.  We also offer cleaning services and can do minor repairs while we are cleaning your residence.

There is no set answer to the question “What is the skill level of the average handyman?”  Make sure that you discuss your specific needs before hiring a handyman. It is also a good idea to ask for references of others that have had the same work done.  You are more likely to get all of your projects completed by hiring a handyman service instead of an individual handyman.

Types of Handyman Services

There are several categories of handyman services.  These are just a few of the categories or types of handymen.

Specific Trade Background – they are often retirees that have specific skills in certain areas such as electrical, carpentry or plumbing.  Often these are folks that are looking for additional income to supplement retirement or they may be sub-contractors that are looking for fill-in work between larger contracts.  You want to be careful with sub-contractors that will take a job as fill in and then are called out on a larger project and you get put on the back burner.

Odd Job Handyman – this type of handyman usually doesn’t have specific skills in certain areas.  They are good for small projects that need taken care of around the house or minor yard or house cleanup.  They specialize in doing your “honey-do” list of items.  They will need to contact an experienced contractor if the job turns out to be beyond their expertise.

Just starting handyman – as we mentioned, this is a very popular profession for those who have found themselves unemployed in our economy.  They typically don’t have much experience except for what they have done for themselves around the house.  They can be very inexpensive but you are the one paying for their learning curve.  If you choose to hire a “start-up” handyman to save money, you will want to inspect their work very carefully.  Keep in mind these people do not carry liability or workman’s compensation insurance and the damage they may cause will be far more than the money saved.

Hiring Good Handyman Services

Hiring a handyman service boils down to what you need done and the experience level of the handyman.  Often a homeowner will make the mistake of hiring a handyman that a neighbor used when you need something completely done.  There are four basic steps in finding a good handyman.

#1 – What do you need done?

Make your list and determine exactly what type of work you want completed. Some of the work you need done may require a licensed professional such as a plumber or electrician.  When you contact the handyman services find out if the work with professionals if the task requires one.  Myrtle Beach Home Services is a group of professionals that work together for the good of the home owner.  We have a handyman, landscaper, electrician, plumber and others.  By working with any one of our contractors you are ensured that should a professional is needed, we will have one available.

#2 – Put a list together of prospects

You will want to talk with more than one person when making your decision.  We have an article on what to specifically look for when talking with prospective handyman services.  Ask your friends and relatives for references of people they gave used.  Look on the internet for prospective handymen.  Do they have good reviews of their work?  Call and ask specific questions about insurance and licenses.

#3 Screen the Handyman Service

After you have asked for references, be sure and call them and ask them about specific services that were done.  Ask how long the handyman has been in business.  Check with the Better Business Bureau to ensure no complaints have been filed against the service.

Hiring a handyman service can be a blessing or a curse. You want to do our homework and hire a reputable company than can do the specific jobs you need done around your house.

Gordy the Handyman uses only licensed and ensure employees.  We can help you with almost any job your need completed.  We are members of Myrtle Beach Home Services and work with professionals in every field of home maintenance.

Call us today for your handyman needs.

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