Handyman Service For Making Your Home More Pet-Friendly

handymanBecause it is important to make your pets as comfortable as you are in your home, you may want to consider some necessary home additions from professional handyman service providers. There are lots of things you can add to your home to keep your pets safe at home.

Many homeowners consider their pets as parts of their family and that is why they often go out of their way and extend their budget to ensure their pets are comfortable in their homes. They want their pets to feel safe and secure while living with them.

According to recent studies, nearly two out of three Americans have pets. This is probably the reason for the continued emergence of various pet products and furniture that can be installed at home to make living with pets comfortable, convenient, and satisfying both for the cats and dogs and as well as their owners.

Making A Pet-Friendly Home

If you are among these homeowners and would like to make your home more pet-friendly, here are some home additions from Myrtle Beach handyman service providers that you can consider.

Creating a pet room

As much as you like sleeping and spending most of the time with your pets, they also need time for themselves to rest and recoup after playing with you and the rest of the family. Plus, nothing else can effectively give your pet a sense of belonging than giving them their own room or space in the house. This gives them a place to take a nap or hang out while waiting for you to get home from work or your kids to get home from school.

Your pet’s room does not have to be an actual room. You can simply perform minor home repairs to make it work. It can be a corner in your bedroom, especially if you have gotten used to sleeping with your cat or dog. Let him know that a corner or space in the room is his by placing a pet bed and favorite pillow in that space. If you have dogs, you can consider using crates instead of pet beds. Crates closely resemble a den, which is what most dogs like. This is also highly recommended for dogs that have issues with dominance or aggression.

If you have an extra closet that you no longer use, you can have a handyman service provider to turn that unused closet space into your pet’s very own room. You can opt to have the door removed or install a smaller pet door right on the door. Both provide easy and convenient access, which is what is important to motivate your pets into sleeping and hanging out in their room. Aside from the pet bed or crate, you can also place their food bowls and water bowls inside their room. And if you want to go all out, especially if you have the money and space, have a professional outfit the room with grooming tables and your pet’s own bathtub. Some pet owners even have a television with their pet’s favorite shows installed inside the pet room. Others, however, opt to have a real bed that is smaller and closer to the ground placed inside the room instead of a pet bed.

Potty training solutions

One of the major problems in owning pets is potty training. This is different from cats and dogs. If you have cats, have a handyman service provider install a hidden litter box inside cabinetry, built-in sofas, or entertainment units. Make this as comfortable as you can for your pet. You can install a sensor-operated light that will automatically switch on when your cat enters the box. Do not forget to line the inside of the box with plastic especially if your cat sprays. If you have both cats and dogs, make sure the entryway is hidden and only your cats will know it and can fit through it. This prevents your dog from nosing around your cat’s litter box.

For your dogs, you can install a pet door so that your dog can let himself in and out of the house whenever he needs to pee or do his potty business. There are lots of more advanced pet doors that are being developed and made available in the market to make it convenient for you as the owner. There are insulated pet doors that can withstand storms and strong winds. And there are pet doors that can be installed on a wall. This is perfect if you have glass doors. Most of the pet doors automatically close and locks itself to prevent critters and other pests from gaining access to your home. Your dogs can let himself or herself in or out on their own because they have some sort of key or device installed in their collars.

Areas for hanging out

Aside from their room, give your pets another area to hang out. If your dogs like to play outside, have a shaded porch made just for your dogs. The main requirements for your dogs’ shaded porch include sufficient insulation and space. They need to have enough room so they can easily stand up, sit down, lie down or turn around. Aside from this, if you want to make it more comfortable and inviting to your dogs, you can have a professional design similar to your house or paint with the same colors as with your house.

For your cats, you can buy an outdoor unit that you can attach to your windows to serve as verandas for your cats. They can also serve as feeding rooms or litter boxes for your cats aside from simply being a place to hang out and take a nap while waiting for your kids to come home. The best thing about using it as a feeding room or litter box is that the mess stays in one place and outside your house.

For more pet-friendly solutions and additions to your home, contact a professional handyman service provider. It is important to keep your homes safe and secure for your pets and loved ones. Call The Handyman now at (843) 286-5873.

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