Great Handyman Repair Tips Using Ordinary Household Items

handymanDid you know that you can become your own handyman by using ordinary household items? Yes, there are some basic home repairs that you can easily do on your own without calling your repairman or buying expensive tools and materials. All you need is some knowledge and a few basic items you use every day and that you can find lying around the house.

Here are some handyman secrets you can easily do on your own.


Removing carpet indentations with ice cubes
Furniture and cabinets can leave indentations on your carpet. It isn’t an eyesore and you wouldn’t have noticed it until you rearranged your furniture. Now it’s there drawing your attention every time you enter the living room.
Don’t worry because you don’t have to purchase a new carpet or have it repaired to remove the indentations. All you need is a couple of ice cubes! Leave one to two ice cubes on the carpet indentation for eight hours. After that, lift the carpet fibers with your fingers and then vacuum over the affected area. This will easily lift the embedded carpet. Repeat the process one more time to ensure a more polished and good-as-new look. It’s certainly great to do home repairs with basic items.
Use a new tennis ball as a scuff mark remover
Scuff marks make your vinyl, tile, or wood floors look dirty and worn out. You want this removed but you don’t have the money and time to have your floors replaced or refinished. Well, you really don’t need to replace your floors. All you need is a new unused tennis ball.
Simply rub the new tennis ball to the scuff mark until it disappears. It’s that easy! The best thing is that it works on vinyl, tile, and wood floors and even on painted walls. Every time you see a scuff mark, get one unused tennis ball from the closet and start scrubbing.
Cover nail holes with a toothpaste
Repairing nail holes are common do-it-yourself projects, especially if you have the right tools and supplies. If not, most homeowners would opt to call in a Myrtle Beach handyman to have all the nail holes throughout the house flattened and covered.
But what happens if you don’t have the necessary tools and supplies to fix your nail holes? Or that if the repairman is not available to do it for you? All you have to do is go to your bathroom and get your white, non-gel toothpaste.


Put toothpaste into the hole. Use a ruler to smooth the paste and make sure the hole is completely covered. Wipe the excess toothpaste from the wall using a rag. Now, wait for the toothpaste to completely dry. Once it dry, cover the area with the same paint as the rest of the wall. No one will be the wiser that you used toothpaste to cover the nail hole! Unless, of course, you want to share this secret with your friends and seem like a professional repairman!


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