Basic Handyman Repair Tips For Your Drywall Holes

Myrtle Beach handyman professionalsOne of the common handyman repairs that most households call for is patching drywall holes. Although they are walls, they also get worn and torn from the household members’ daily abuse. These include drilling holes to hang wall decor, mirrors, frameworks, etc. as well as accidentally bumping large furniture that results in cracks and bigger holes. One common example is when you open a door too strongly and its doorknob impacts with the adjoining wall, creating a hole in its wake.

Repairing drywall holes basically include patching up the holes and repainting the wall. Here are some handyman repair tips to help you fix your drywall.

To patch small holes, use lightweight spackling compound. You can get these from any hardware or home improvement stores. Put a small amount of spackle on your putty knife and press it into the hole. Use the knife to scrape the area and remove excess spackle.

To repair bigger drywall holes, Myrtle Beach handyman professionals recommend using commercially available patches. These come in various sizes so you are sure to find one that matches the size of the hole you are fixing. Make sure you get a patch that is slightly bigger than the hole by about two inches on all sides.

These patches are specifically designed to hold the spackling compound while you fill bigger holes. A lot of repairmen use these patches because they have been proven time and again to make the process of patching huge drywall holes easier, faster, and more fool-proof.

  • Make sure the hole is right in the middle of the patch when placing the patch on the wall. Press all sides firmly to ensure the patch is securely adhered into place.
  • Completely covering the patch mesh with spackle means you have completely covered the hole.
  • Hide the edge of the patch by expanding a feather of the spackle at least 2 inches from the edge of the patch mesh.
  • If there are bumps on your patchwork, let it dry completely and lightly sand on the area.
  • If the screen still shows, simply add more fresh spackle using your putty knife. Continue adding until the mesh screen is no longer visible.

Repairing drywalls require some basic drywall tools that you can obtain from your local hardware or home improvement stores along with the other things that you need to fix your drywall.

If you don’t have the time to go and buy the required tools and materials and to actually do the job, call in a professional handyman. Contact Gordy The Handyman and inquire about their drywall repair services.

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