Should You Hire A Handyman To Repaint Your Kitchen Cabinets?

home repairsThere are many expectations when you start a DIY project such as painting cabinets. Many people don’t mind a few drips and splotches of paint when they feel like they’re saving money. These people are willing to spend a weekend painting their cabinets.

These imperfections are unacceptable for others. It’s not worth the effort to make sure that the final product is perfect. These people might spend a lot more time and effort to ensure that the painting project is perfect. What if perfection is not what you are looking for? It may be that you need to have the right tools and experience to paint cabinets like a pro. Hiring a Myrtle Beach Handyman might also be the answer.

There are some things that you need to know before you start painting cabinets. These are some things you should avoid if this is something that you want to do yourself. Do research to see if you can complete the job yourself or contact a Handyman.

Is it difficult to paint cabinets?

You can make it work, but as with all DIY projects, success is dependent on your expectations and level of experience. 

Equipment cost: A paint sprayer is the best method to paint cabinets. There are no exceptions. You can paint your cabinets with a brush or roller, and get great results. A paint sprayer will give you a professional finish and lasts for years. Spraying paint on cabinets can be done quickly and evenly with a sprayer. But, it takes skill and experience to use a sprayer correctly. A quality paint sprayer may cost you a few hundred dollars. This will reduce any savings that you are trying to make by doing the job yourself.

You will need to have a designated area for spraying your cabinets if you decide that it is best to do so. This could be your kitchen. However, to avoid any paint contaminating appliances or other areas in your home, you will need to hang plastic everywhere.

Proper ventilation: You should make sure you have enough ventilation before you begin any indoor painting project. Garages may be an option if you don’t have access to windows or doors. To contain the paint fumes, you’ll need to hang plastic sheeting. You will still need a designated space to paint your cabinets, even if you use a brush or roller.

Do not attempt to paint your cabinets. You will have to deal with dust (you sanded the cabinets, right?) You’ll have to deal with the dust (you sanded them, right?), and residue for many days. During that time, your kitchen will also be closed.

Preparation is required: The room in which you plan to paint your cabinets will not be functional during the project. You can either put it away or figure out how to get around the mess until the project is complete. This will depend on your experience and the size of the project. Ask a Handyman for their opinion and they will be ready to help!

It is tempting to paint cabinet faces and not remove them. It is possible to paint the cabinet faces without removing them, but it is not recommended. All doors must be removed in order to paint your cabinets. The frames and bases of the cabinets can’t be moved, so they will remain in place.

How about the interiors? Do the shelves need to match?

Are you thinking of changing hinges or hardware? Are the holes lined up? How do you fill in the holes and drill new ones? Are you required to sand the cabinets?

All of these factors combined make cabinet painting a bit more complicated than people realize. It is important to use the correct sequence and the right materials and equipment in order to get the job done correctly. Ask a Handyman what their experience is and how many kitchen remodels they have done before. 

The Skills Required

Painting is easy, but it takes patience and skill. It can be difficult and time-consuming to cut around cabinet bases. Painter’s tape can be time-consuming and may not guarantee a straight line. Paint can also bleed through the tape. If you are unsure, a paint sprayer might be the best choice. It takes experience and finesse to use one correctly. Handymen are skilled in many areas and have many years of experience.

We are now back to the original question: How important is a perfect job of painting? Painting cabinets yourself is a great way for you to save money if you have the patience, skills, time and ability. This project will require you to work long hours and weekends.


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