How Can Your Handyman Myrtle Beach Help You Prepare For Hurricane Season?

handyman Myrtle BeachHave you pulled out all the stops to protect your home during hurricane season? If you haven’t yet, you should start now. It won’t be long before the first wave of hurricanes come your way. You will need to reinforce certain areas of your home to protect against strong winds and any debris that might be flying at high speeds. Collision will be imminent which is why it is best to be prepared. If you don’t have the time to spend on bolstering your home’s defenses, it will be in your best interests to hire a handyman Myrtle Beach.

Areas of your home that needs to be reinforced by a handyman Myrtle Beach:

The garage door

The largest entryway to your home would be the garage door. However, garage doors are not typically reinforced. This makes them quite susceptible to debris flying at high speeds during a hurricane. Even the wind alone is enough to shatter a garage door if it is not properly reinforced. Hire a handyman Myrtle Beach Myrtle Beach, SC to make sure that your garage door is perfectly fine during the hurricane season. Aside from hiring a handyman, you should also purchase a wind brace kit to make sure that you have all the necessary tools to bolster your defenses.

Your roof

One of the most vulnerable areas during a hurricane is the roof. Asphalt shingles could come off when hit by debris. The strong winds could also because the shingles to bend, crack, and get dislodged. If your roof has any leaky areas, it is best to have it repaired by a roofer or a handyman before the hurricane season comes. Roofers recommend the installation of roof clips. Basically, a roof clip or hurricane straps are pieces of metal that make the roof sturdier and less likely to tear apart when exposed to extreme conditions. You should also do any home repairs proper to hurricane season to improve your home’s chances of surviving the season unscathed.

The windows

Windows can be quite expensive. Double or triple-pane windows can be priced at $800 and up for a single window. With the costs involved, it is cheaper to install storm windows and protect your windows from any debris that might come in your home’s way. Your local handyman could install sheets of plywood, covering your windows and keeping them from harm’s way.

This hurricane season, you should always be prepared. Aside from doing home improvements, you should hire a handyman to do a bunch of other things such as making sure that your gutters are all clean to keep water from overflowing, protecting your garden, and more. Hiring a handyman will be your best bet on making it on time. Bear in mind that preparations could take time. What you need is an extra set of expert hands.

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