Handyman Service: What Is A Half-Day Package

Handyman Myrtle Beach SCNot all homeowners are familiar with this type of handyman service and we are here to give you a clearer picture as to why this may be just what you and your house needs.

What is a handyman half-day package?

With this offering, you can tailor a 4-hour visit from your  Myrtle Beach handyman to take on a variety of small repairs– whatever needs doing around your place!

It is inevitable that, over time, things in your house stops working or breaks down. However, homeowners tend to put these repairs off until such time that they completely forget about it, until it stops working completely.

It is natural to adapt to small issues and to discover ways to work around them. There’s the kitchen drawer that is hard to close or open; the cabinet door that begins to droop, or no longer closes completely; the moving door that no longer sits appropriately on its jogger. As a short term fix,  we take care of it by just opening the door meticulously, or just prevent using the drawer altogether. Besides, these are just small issues that eventually end up being “the brand-new normal.”

Tasks For A Handyman

Look around your house as if you were a guest and even a prospective customer. Think of the little points you have been meaning to get around to deal with when you have the time. You will be surprised at the number of repairs and fixes that need to be dealt with. Below is a list of some of the things you need to take note:

  • Holes in the screen door or window displays
  • A fence with sagging or missing pickets
  • A chaotic, messy garage
  • A trickling kitchen or shower room tap
  • Shelving you’ve never ever gotten around to installing
  • Openings or cuts in the drywall
  • A damaged smoke detector that requires changing
  • A filthy backsplash that has long needed replacing
  • A television or other device that’s been waiting to be connected
  • The shower door that does not close properly
  • Peeling paint in the washroom or utility room

Okay, you possibly do not have that many things in your home that needs to be fixed. However, you may have enough tasks to hire a handyman for a half-day package. It is amazing how many tasks can be done in those 4 hours and your home will feel brand new.

Rather than piling up those “to-do” list that never seems to get done, ask a handyman to visit your home and take a look at what needs to be fixed. Bear in mind, also, that if you’re worried you have more projects than can be taken on in four hours, we also offer a full day service.

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