Handyman Guide To Repairing Cracked Tiles

Myrtle Beach HandymanOne of the most common reasons why you call a handyman is to repair cracked tiles. Cracked tiles in your bathroom and kitchen are inevitable, especially if you did not go through any renovation or home improvement projects. Floor tiles may come loose and weaken through time so it’s not really that surprising if you see a cracked tile here and there.

You generally have two options to resolve your cracked tile problem. One is to cover it up and the other one is to replace it. Here are some suggestions from a professional handyman.

Handyman Tips To Repair Cracked Tiles

Cover the cracked tile with a rug

Most homeowners don’t realize this but you can actually cover the cracked tile with a pretty and decorative rug. If you do not have the money yet to buy new floor tiles or have someone replace the cracked tiles and all you have is an unused rug that would be a perfect fit for your bathroom, go ahead and cover the cracked tile. People would not think less of you for doing that. In fact, they will think of how creative and stylish you are for putting together such an attractive bathroom décor.

Replace the cracked tile

If you have extra tiles lying around in your house, go ahead and replace the cracked tiles. You do not need o have all the tiles replaced in your house, especially if you don’t have time to prepare and set up the room.

The problem most homeowners find in this solution, however, is that the new tiles they install most often do not match their old tiles even if it has the same design and were bought from the same store. The reason for this is that tiles get discolored and often fade through time especially if you use highly acidic cleaning solutions. To resolve this, a handyman suggests doing an abstract or patterned style instead. Do not buy the same tile and opt for another type of tile with a design that compliments those that are already installed in your home.

Replace all the tiles

You can also opt to replace all the tiles. If you think you are due for your next bathroom renovation or kitchen improvement soon, include replacing your tiles in the improvement plan. This way, you can choose a different style and size of tiles and be able to change the entire look and theme of your kitchen or bathroom.

Call a handyman to find out the best solution for your cracked tile problems. Contact The Handyman now.

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