Call A Handyman Before Selling Your House

handymanYou’ll have a lot of fond memories once you live in any home for a long time. Because of this, you may have forgotten that the drywall needs repair or the walls have too many extra holes. Maybe there are noticeable scratches and nicks on the wooden door frames or stairs. These are only a few of the many things that a handyman can help you with.

If you are planning to sell your home, you need to remember that buyers want a house that if possible, looks like brand new. You may not have had hired a handyman before but getting in touch with one now when you sell your house can help smooth out the process of preparing for inspections and open houses.

Fixing faded or chipped paint, cleaning the gutters, and replacing worn out carpets, can help you earn around 1% of the value of your home every year. However, if you continue to leave little things unattended, this will hurt your home’s value by about 10%, especially when a minor issue can become a major problem.

If hiring a handyman feels like it is out of your league, here are a few things you need to know.

Why should you hire a handyman?

A handyman in Myrtle Beach is a skilled and experienced jack of all trades who could take care of a wide range of repairs. A few of these professionals are self trained while others specialize in specific kinds of maintenance like carpentry, tiling, and painting. Think of a handyman much like a set of extra pair of hands for minor projects where you could feel in over your head. A handyman is an economical and capable option if you have problems at home like patching a drywall or unclogging pipes.

Benefits of Hiring a Handyman

Take care of odd jobs at once – a handyman Myrtle Beach is your one stop resource for getting rid of scuff marks from wood furniture, touching up paint, and even changing light fixtures. This expert will not be intimidated by your eclectic to do list. They are used to dealing with odd projects like changing bathroom faucets, sealing a deck, or even installing weather stripping.

Save money – since a handyman will charge per hour and use their tools, they will have less overhead, and that means their rates are much lower compared to other general contractors. You just have to pay the handyman for the hours they worked as well as the scope of the job, unless you have agreed on a flat rate, even though you will need to supply materials.

Find issues you may have missed – although they may not have the specialized knowledge of a plumber or an electrician, a handyman is a skilled worker who will not look at your house through the mist of memories.

Boost your homes saleability – a handyman could deal with repairs like peeling linoleum and loose handrails that, apart from looking nasty, could put the financing for a potential buyer using a VA or FHA loan at risk.

Call The Handyman now if you need to help of a skilled and reliable handyman to help you fix your house before selling it.

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