Going Green With Handyman Myrtle Beach

handymanWith all the focus on the environment, you have probably heard about various methods you can use to make your home green. One of the topics in the news is about incandescent light bulbs that supposedly save you money. Many you are not convinced that the new bulbs will actually do what they claim. Would saving 50% off your electric utility bill annually convince you? A recent report by Energy Star indicates that just replacing one incandescent light bulb with compact fluorescent bulbs will save $30 during the lifetime of that bulb. What if you replaced 10 light bulbs throughout your home? WOW, $300 in savings. All that for a bulb that averages between $2 and $5.This is just one example of a simple minor home repair that can save you money. Here are just a few other suggestions from Handyman Myrtle Beach:

What a handyman can do for you

  • Installing Ceiling Fans
  • Installing better seals on windows and doors
  • Cleaning out air ducts
  • Minor water leaks in bathrooms and kitchens

Just a few little jobs can add up to huge savings. Click on the link to download a complete report on Tips to Save You Money compliments of Handyman Services Myrtle Beach. At this point, you are probably thinking “Where will I find the time to implement just a few of these tips?” We understand that your time is important. Our professional handymen are here to assist you with your “To Do” list. With Myrtle Beach Handyman no job is too small. Don’t wait until the task becomes unmanageable – we work with you to prioritize your tasks and work within your budget. The Handyman is your Myrtle Beach Source for licensed and insured home repair specialists.

Give us a call today and you will be saving money tomorrow!

The Handyman
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