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If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to breathe fresh life to an outdated room, then a new paint job might be just the answer for you! Simply changing the color of a room can change the entire feel of the room, giving a modern spin or a fun splash of color. Handyman Myrtle Beach has provided some great tips to get you started on choosing the right paint color for your space.

Questions To Ask Before Choosing Paint Colors

There are some helpful questions to ask yourself before picking out a paint color.

  • How much light does the room get? Is it natural lighting or warm light from a lamp?
  • Are there any architectural features you would like to draw attention to?
  • You should also consider the color of the floors, ceiling and window treatments.
  • Think about your final look and what your goal is for the space. For instance, are you wanting the space to appear larger or possibly just lighter, etc.?

A new paint job can downplay or cover negative features such as the room being too small or dark. Paint color can open up a room tremendously, giving the illusion of a bigger space! Light, airy shades of white, yellow or pale greens can give a fresh and clean feeling to any room, making it seem more expansive. Conversely, if a room in your house seems too large, and lacks warmth, you can create a much more cozy feel by utilizing darker shades of brown or blue.

Handyman Myrtle Beach has also suggested that you can have some great fun by using more than one paint color in a room! Want to feature a certain architectural design in the room? Consider doing an accent wall in one color and a more neutral theme on the other walls. Think about choosing colors that will compliment the room’s main focal point, such as a great piece of furniture or beautiful piece of art.

Remember that certain colors tend to create certain feelings or moods in a room. Keep in mind the colors that you personally like! Lighter colors bring a tranquil setting, while darker hues create a studious and warm feeling. You may also want to choose colors to reflect things like a cultural heritage or theme.

Myrtle Beach Handyman’s final tip of the day: Bring color swatches or paint chips home with you so you can see for yourself how it looks in your space. You can even buy tiny cans of sample paint in the color you choose so you can test an area of the room. Remember to look at these samples in various lighting and keep in mind that fluorescent lighting will give a blue/white cast, while a warmer, yellow cast will be the result of incandescent lighting. Lighting can drastically affect how the paint color appears, so consider carefully the lighting you will use when you’re done.

Finally, it’s a good idea to buy all of the paint needed at one time to assure consistent color matching. Keep the batch numbers for the paint on the lids for reference should you need more. Have fun with your project and be creative! Don’t be afraid to try new things with color—it can be tons of fun. So get your paint clothes on, roll up your sleeves and bring some new life to an old space. Happy painting!!

Painting is a messy job! Once you have selected our colors, give us a call for a free estimate on doing the job for you.

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