7 Common Problems Addressed By Home Maintenance

handymanAlright, I confess. I failed to follow my own suggestions. The warning signs of potential problems were obvious; however, I decided not to give it that much attention. For quite some time, I have started to notice that it is becoming more difficult to unlock the front door using my key. I wiped a little olive oil on the key and then cleaned up the lock faceplate, which I noticed was filled with dog hair. However, I still decided to ignore it and did not call a handyman, until I winded up locked inside my apartment in Myrtle Beach. It was terrified there for a minute. I gave my son who was still outside the house a pair of pliers. I tossed it out the window. Although he managed to turn the key, we both understood that it was just a temporary solution. The good news is that we were able to contact a handyman who gladly helped us even when it was already 9:30 at night to adjust the lock. He did it for free. I promised myself there would never be the next time. I came to the conclusion that I would deal with small home maintenance problems before they turn into bigger issues.

Issues that are solved by proper home maintenance

Door that fails to work properly. Any door that feels rigid and extremely hard to close and open means that the lock needs some care and attention. Another reason behind “sticky” doors would be too much moisture in the air. If the frames are loose, then you need to tighten up their hinges or maybe reposition their strike plate.

Defective electrical cord or plug. If you need to force the plug of an electrical appliance into the socket of the wall or pull it out, or its cord has worn out at the edge, you are placing yourself at an increased danger of fire or electric shock. You need to remain safe by getting the flawed portion dealt with before using the home appliance once more. If you are too afraid to deal with any electrical appliances, hire a Conway handyman to help you out.

“Minor” roof leakage. Follow a zero-tolerance regulation when it comes to “minor” wetness and “little” drips on your walls or ceilings. Water can bring out more severe property damage compared to fire. Always remember it that neglecting it will make the problem worse. PS: Even though you cannot find the source, it does not necessarily mean that the problem does not exist. Water is just like toothache pain — it moves to other places.

Leftover leaves. It does not matter how cautiously you cleaned your South Carolina home is in the fall, dried up leaves are going to be blown around by the winter winds and storms, reaching your exterior window sills and wells, roof gutters, and your yard. They capture moisture and can cause harm to your roof and walls, and even choking your garden or lawn.

Splits and breaks in the exterior walls. A small break in the stucco or masonry exterior wall of your house could be fairly easy to close off. However, after a while, it will start to become worse, and it will make repairing the crack itself more expensive and cumbersome, but also allowing drafts and dampness to get in, which will cause your HVAC system to work harder.

Worn out hose on the washing machine. Swapping out broken the hose on your washing machine with a new one is, very affordable so be sure to take care of it immediately … but so, so, so expensive and messy if it’s neglected until the hose bursts, flooding your basement (or upper level!!) floor. On the other hand, neglecting this problem until the hose bursts, which would cause your basement or the upper level to flood.

Strange light patterns or sounds from the CO alarm or smoke detector. Carbon monoxide alarms and smoke detectors are affordable, simple to maintain devices that can save lives. Take note of any peculiar noises. A chirping noise, which is a short beep every 30 seconds. This sound means that you need to change their batteries. You can avoid having to wait for this sound to pop up since you usually need to change the batteries of these devices twice a year. You can schedule it every spring and fall so you won’t forget. Apart from this, any other unusual sound or light patterns may mean the device is defective or malfunctioning. You might need to have it replaced or repaired immediately. Be sure to tackle home repairs while they are small rather than wait for the problems to grow bigger and become more expensive to fix.

If you need professional help for your home maintenance needs, do not hesitate to get it to touch with The Handyman.

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