7 Maintenance Tasks To Do This Spring

handymanSpringtime is here and it’s the best time of the year to do some household maintenance tasks. It’s the ideal time to do some home inspections, update your landscape, check your plumbing, inspect your electrical system, and more. The question is, who will do it? If you don’t have enough time to do it all, you can always hire a helping hand. There’s a reliable handyman that is just waiting for your call. With an expert, you can save time and do more in spring and prepare your home for the seasons to come.

Here are some maintenance tasks that you should do this spring:

Clean the gutters and downspouts

If you haven’t had time to inspect the roof in the previous seasons, you should take your time this spring. A full gutter can lead to a number of roof issues later on. Other than that, your downspouts will also need the same amount of TLC. You must ensure that both the downspouts and gutters are clean. Any debris must be taken out to make sure that water flows freely from your roof to the drain.

Checking the roof

A roof inspection must be done annually. A professional roofing contractor must inspect the roof for any problem. Your roof has a lot of components. Checking each one will make sure that there are no leaks and that your roof is good to go for another year. Patching up the roof and doing other home repairs is most effective during spring.

Inspecting the woodwork

Every bit of woodwork from your fence, decks, and other outdoor wooden structures must be maintained. Even with preservatives, wood can still be damaged over time. Spring is the best time to check if your woodwork is still in good condition. You can hire a Myrtle Beach handyman for this task since it requires a little bit of skill.

Have your air conditioning system inspected

Another task that should be on your list is HVAC maintenance. More specifically, your air conditioning systems. It is important that your AC unit works well despite a few months of stagnation. You should have the air filter replaced and have a general checkup done. This is to prepare for the hotter portion of spring down to summer.

Clean the driveway

This bit of work can be fun and even therapeutic seeing all the dirt go away. You can rent a power washer if you don’t have one and blast all of the dirt from your driveway and have it looking like new.

Perk up your landscape

Winter has pretty much put landscape improvements at a standstill. However, you can hire a handyman to bring your lawn back to life in no time.

Arrange and de-clutter

Admit it, you’ve gained a lot of things over the past year especially during Christmas. However, a handyman can help you do away with the excess stuff in your home. A helping hand can easily help you finish the cleaning process and de-clutter your home in a fraction of the time.

If you need help with any household maintenance tasks this spring, you can call The Handyman. We can help you with everything that you need. You may reach us at (843) 286-5873.

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