Hiring Handyman Service For A Closet Renovation

Handyman Service1 Hiring Handyman Service For A Closet RenovationOne of the many reasons for hiring a handyman service provider is closet renovation. Many homeowners feel the need to have their closets renovated, especially after several years of living in the same house. Over these years, they may have accumulated clothes, accessories, shoes, decorations, and other stuff that can crowd their closets.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, to the point where you have to plow and dig through lots of your stuff every time you are looking for a specific pair of shoes or a certain bag, you will have to consider calling your local handyman for professional assistance soon.

But, before you do that, here are some things you need to prepare before the local handyman service arrives at your home to renovate your closet.

• Know the available space you have – Even before you start with the renovation plans you need to measure your current closet space. It is important that you have an accurate measurement of the space allotted for your closet to enable you to accurately design how you will organize all your stuff. You can have the handyman do the measuring but it’s easier if you do the measuring since you will also be the one to plan how you want your closet to be organized.

• Know how much space you need – To measure how much space you will need for your closet, you will need to make inventory of all your stuff including everything you want to store inside your closet. Again, this will help you properly plan how you will organize your closet.

You will have to take everything out of your closet as part of the preparations. So, while you are removing them from your closet, it helps if you start organizing them into groups that you want to store together. Doing this gives you a clear picture of the amount of closet space you need.

• Draw a floor or wall plan – Now that you know how much space you have and how much space you need, you can effectively draw a floor and wall plan for your closet. Don’t forget to include all your current shelves and racks in your floor and wall plans.

If you think all your stuff will not fit inside your closet even with shelves and racks, draw another set of wall and floor plans. Rearrange your stuff as well as the shelves and racks to make them all fit inside. If you need more storage areas for your closet, there are lots of these available in your local home depot. Look for the type of racks that you need for your closet.

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Homeowners Seek Handyman Service For Under Cabinet Lighting

Handyman Service Homeowners Seek Handyman Service For Under Cabinet LightingMore and more homeowners are looking for professional handyman service provider to help them in properly setting up their under cabinet lighting. This type of improvement project is most common in the kitchen; although there are other homeowners who make this improvement in their garage, bedroom and home office. Basically, under cabinet lighting can be installed in any part of the house where it can serve its purpose.

Handyman service providers explain under cabinet lighting and why you need it

The main purpose of an under cabinet lighting is to make a room more functional. It is often installed in the kitchen, particularly in the area where you prepare food. The best thing about this specific type of lighting is that it allows the homeowner to do their tasks more efficiently without the need to switching on many or all the lights.

Plus, it is perfect if you only want direct lighting in a certain part of the room – in this case, direct lighting is needed in the food preparation area. Because of this, the other parts of the room, remain dimly-lit while the area that is most used is properly illuminated. As a result, the room becomes more attractive and appealing, especially at night, when the under cabinet lighting is switched on.

Other purposes served by under cabinet lighting

Aside from making a room more functional, there are other purposes that under cabinet lighting serve:

  • Providing direction-specific illumination – This is great particularly when you want to draw attention toward your cabinets containing your prized collections or your showcase of various glassware and dishes. You can have a handyman service provider install it inside the glass doors of the cabinet or the on the inside corners if you have an open-front cabinet.
  • Setting the mood in a room – If you need help sleeping through the night, installing under cabinet lighting helps. They set the mood in any room depending on where exactly you install them and the type and color of the light you are installing.
  • Helping to ensure safety – When installed in the bathroom as lighting at night, under cabinet lighting serves to help ensure the safety of anyone using the bathroom at night. This is especially true for those who wake up in the middle of the night to use the toilet while only being half conscious. Under cabinet lighting helps them see where they need to go without having to try to see through the glare from an ordinary lighting.

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Basic Handyman Repair Tips For Your Drywall Holes

Handyman1 Basic Handyman Repair Tips For Your Drywall HolesOne of the common handyman repairs that most households call for is patching drywall holes. Although they are walls, they also get worn and torn from the household members’ daily abuse. These include drilling holes to hang wall decor, mirrors, frameworks, etc. as well as accidentally bumping large furniture that results in cracks and bigger holes. One common example is when you open a door too strongly and its doorknob impacts with the adjoining wall, creating a hole in its wake.

Repairing drywall holes basically include patching up the holes and repainting the wall. Here are some handyman repair tips to help you fix your drywall.

  • To patch small holes, use lightweight spackling compound. You can get these from any hardware or home improvement stores. Put a small amount of spackle on your putty knife and press it into the hole. Use the knife to scrape the area and remove excess spackle.
  • To repair bigger drywall holes, handyman professionals recommend using commercially available patches. These come in various sizes so you are sure to find one that matches the size of the hole you are fixing. Make sure you get a patch that is slightly bigger than the hole by about two inches on all sides.

These patches are specifically designed to hold the spackling compound while you fill bigger holes. A lot of repairmen use these patches because they have been proven time and again to make the process of patching huge drywall holes easier, faster, and more fool-proof.

  • Make sure the hole is right in the middle of the patch when placing the patch on the wall. Press all sides firmly to ensure the patch is securely adhered into place.
  • Completely covering the patch mesh with spackle means you have completely covered the hole.
  • Hide the edge of the patch by expanding a feather of the spackle at least 2 inches from the edge of the patch mesh.
  • If there are bumps on your patchwork, let it dry completely and lightly sand on the area.
  • If the screen still shows, simply add more fresh spackle using your putty knife. Continue adding until the mesh screen is no longer visible.

Repairing drywalls require some basic drywall tools that you can obtain from your local hardware or home improvement stores along with the other things that you need to fix your drywall.

If you don’t have the time to go and buy the required tools and materials and to actually do the job, call in a professional handyman. Contact Gordy The Handyman and inquire about their drywall repair services.

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How To Repair Cracked Tiles Like A Professional Handyman

Handyman How To Repair Cracked Tiles Like A Professional HandymanOne of the most common reasons why a handyman is called is to repair cracked tiles. Cracked tiles in your bathroom and kitchen are inevitable, especially if you haven’t gone through any renovation or home improvement projects. Tiles may come loose and weaken through time so it’s not really that surprising if you see a cracked tile here and there.

You generally have two options to resolve your cracked tile problem. One is to cover it up and the other one is to replace it. Here are some suggestions from a professional handyman.

Cover the cracked tile with a rug

Most homeowners don’t realize this but you can actually cover the cracked tile with a pretty and decorative rug. If you don’t have the money yet to buy new tiles or have someone replace the cracked tiles and all you have is a rug you’re not using anymore but would be a perfect fit for your bathroom, go ahead and cover the cracked tile. People wouldn’t think less of you for doing that. In fact, they will think how creative and stylish you are for putting together such an attractive bathroom décor.

Replace the cracked tile

If you have extra tiles lying around in your house, go ahead and replace the cracked tiles. You don’t have to have all the tiles replaced in your house, especially if you don’t have time to prepare and set up the room.

The problem most homeowners find in this solution, however, is that the new tiles they install most often do not match their old tiles even if it’s the same design and were bought from the same store. The reason for this is that tiles get discolored and often fade through time especially if you use highly acidic cleaning solutions. To resolve this, a professional handyman suggests doing an abstract or patterned style instead. Do not buy the same tile and opt for another type of tile with a design that compliments those that are already installed in your home.

Replace all the tiles

You can also opt to replace all the tiles. If you think you are due for your next bathroom renovation or kitchen improvement soon, include replacing your tiles in improvement plan. This way, you can choose a different style and size of tiles and be able to change the entire look and theme of your kitchen or bathroom.

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Why Your Myrtle Beach Handyman Recommends Non-Toxic Paint

Myrtle Beach Handyman Why Your Myrtle Beach Handyman Recommends Non Toxic PaintLike the rest of the industry professionals, your Myrtle Beach handyman probably strongly recommends the use of non-toxic paint. The main reason for this is that the toxins present in traditional paints do not only cause difficulty in breathing or minor problems in the respiratory system, but they can also cause cancer.

According to professionals, many of today’s commercial paints have about 10,000 chemicals. More than 300 of these chemicals are identified as toxins and at least 150 are cancerous. Another component of many commercial paints that people should be worried about are the volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

What are VOCs and why is your Myrtle Beach handyman worried about them

Volatile organic compounds are unstable and carbon-based, allowing them to easily vaporize into the air. They can cause breathing problems, eye irritation, headaches, and nausea. What makes VOCs highly dangerous is the fact that they can continue to seep out of the paint even after years of applying the paint. And there have been some cases where long exposure to VOCs has led to developing cancer.

What a professional Myrtle Beach handyman recommends as an alternative to commercial paints

Because of the dangers and health risks brought by today’s commercial paints and the VOCs they emit, manufacturers have developed a healthier and safer alternative: low-VOC and no-VOC paints. Aside from decreasing and completely eliminating VOCs in commercial paints, manufacturers are also continuously working to remove other harmful chemicals present in the paint.

Ask your local paint retailer about these healthier and safer paint alternatives. Make sure the paints you buy have a green seal to indicate that they have low or no VOC. These healthier paints are more often used in the rooms of children and infants. This is why they are also referred to as nursery paints.

Other benefits of using low-VOC or no-VOC paints include the following:

  • Easy to clean and better for the environment because they water-based
  • Leaves little or no odor behind while painting and after the paint job has been completed
  • Some also contain essential oils to give off more pleasant scent
  • Application is very easy, no special tool, equipment or skill is needed

Other alternatives to commercial paints full of harmful toxins

If you are painting or staining wood, you can opt to use natural oil-based wood finishes. These provide the same effect as using commercial paints but they don’t leave harmful toxins behind while being applied and after the paint has long gone dry.

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