How To Repair Cracked Tiles Like A Professional Handyman

Handyman How To Repair Cracked Tiles Like A Professional HandymanOne of the most common reasons why a handyman is called is to repair cracked tiles. Cracked tiles in your bathroom and kitchen are inevitable, especially if you haven’t gone through any renovation or home improvement projects. Tiles may come loose and weaken through time so it’s not really that surprising if you see a cracked tile here and there.

You generally have two options to resolve your cracked tile problem. One is to cover it up and the other one is to replace it. Here are some suggestions from a professional handyman.

Cover the cracked tile with a rug

Most homeowners don’t realize this but you can actually cover the cracked tile with a pretty and decorative rug. If you don’t have the money yet to buy new tiles or have someone replace the cracked tiles and all you have is a rug you’re not using anymore but would be a perfect fit for your bathroom, go ahead and cover the cracked tile. People wouldn’t think less of you for doing that. In fact, they will think how creative and stylish you are for putting together such an attractive bathroom décor.

Replace the cracked tile

If you have extra tiles lying around in your house, go ahead and replace the cracked tiles. You don’t have to have all the tiles replaced in your house, especially if you don’t have time to prepare and set up the room.

The problem most homeowners find in this solution, however, is that the new tiles they install most often do not match their old tiles even if it’s the same design and were bought from the same store. The reason for this is that tiles get discolored and often fade through time especially if you use highly acidic cleaning solutions. To resolve this, a professional handyman suggests doing an abstract or patterned style instead. Do not buy the same tile and opt for another type of tile with a design that compliments those that are already installed in your home.

Replace all the tiles

You can also opt to replace all the tiles. If you think you are due for your next bathroom renovation or kitchen improvement soon, include replacing your tiles in improvement plan. This way, you can choose a different style and size of tiles and be able to change the entire look and theme of your kitchen or bathroom.

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Why Your Myrtle Beach Handyman Recommends Non-Toxic Paint

Myrtle Beach Handyman Why Your Myrtle Beach Handyman Recommends Non Toxic PaintLike the rest of the industry professionals, your Myrtle Beach handyman probably strongly recommends the use of non-toxic paint. The main reason for this is that the toxins present in traditional paints do not only cause difficulty in breathing or minor problems in the respiratory system, but they can also cause cancer.

According to professionals, many of today’s commercial paints have about 10,000 chemicals. More than 300 of these chemicals are identified as toxins and at least 150 are cancerous. Another component of many commercial paints that people should be worried about are the volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

What are VOCs and why is your Myrtle Beach handyman worried about them

Volatile organic compounds are unstable and carbon-based, allowing them to easily vaporize into the air. They can cause breathing problems, eye irritation, headaches, and nausea. What makes VOCs highly dangerous is the fact that they can continue to seep out of the paint even after years of applying the paint. And there have been some cases where long exposure to VOCs has led to developing cancer.

What a professional Myrtle Beach handyman recommends as an alternative to commercial paints

Because of the dangers and health risks brought by today’s commercial paints and the VOCs they emit, manufacturers have developed a healthier and safer alternative: low-VOC and no-VOC paints. Aside from decreasing and completely eliminating VOCs in commercial paints, manufacturers are also continuously working to remove other harmful chemicals present in the paint.

Ask your local paint retailer about these healthier and safer paint alternatives. Make sure the paints you buy have a green seal to indicate that they have low or no VOC. These healthier paints are more often used in the rooms of children and infants. This is why they are also referred to as nursery paints.

Other benefits of using low-VOC or no-VOC paints include the following:

  • Easy to clean and better for the environment because they water-based
  • Leaves little or no odor behind while painting and after the paint job has been completed
  • Some also contain essential oils to give off more pleasant scent
  • Application is very easy, no special tool, equipment or skill is needed

Other alternatives to commercial paints full of harmful toxins

If you are painting or staining wood, you can opt to use natural oil-based wood finishes. These provide the same effect as using commercial paints but they don’t leave harmful toxins behind while being applied and after the paint has long gone dry.

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Do I Need Expert Handyman Services To Weather-Strip My Doors?

handyman services Do I Need Expert Handyman Services To Weather Strip My Doors?Weather-stripping your doors is an important maintenance task that you can either leave to a professional handyman service or do on your own. You can choose to hire your local handyman and have him weather-strip your doors and windows. On the other hand, if you have the time, the necessary tools and skills, you can also opt to do it on your own.

Why do you need to weather-strip doors and windows?

If your doors and windows are not properly weather-stripped, the filtered cold or warm air coming from your HVAC will escape through the gaps in your doors and windows. As a result, your ventilation system will have to work extra hard and use more energy to cool down or heat your home; thus, your utility bills increase dramatically.

Weather-stripping your doors and windows on your own.

If you would like to do this home maintenance task on your own, you will need to purchase long weather-strips, enough for all the doors and windows that you want to seal. You will also need sharp scissors and small-toothed saw to cut the weather-strip and 1 and ½ inch nails to install them in your doors and windows.

You will need to cut the weather-stripping to the right size of your door and window frames. To do this, you should start measuring the top of the frame by fitting the weather-stripping against it. Cut the right size by using scissors for the foam and the small-toothed saw for the wood part. It would help you get a better seal if you sand the edges of the wood part.

When measuring the amount of weather-stripping you need for the sides of the frame, allow 1-2 inches in excess to both ends so that it overlaps the top and bottom weather-strips when installed. To fix it into place, you will need to use the nails. Make sure the foam part faces your door or window when installed.

Before hammering all the nails down completely, you will need to make sure you have a good seal. You can determine by this closing and opening the doors and windows after you have partially installed the nails. Find out whether or not the seal is tight and that it opens and closes all the way. You also need to make sure that the latches close without any other interference.

Calling professional handyman service

This maintenance task involves lots of time, effort, skill, and tools. And if you have little or no idea about weather-stripping, you will want to hire a professional handyman service instead. This will effectively allow you to save more money and prevent you from paying unnecessary expenses on the further damage that you are bound to make if you attempt to accomplish this task on your own.

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Do You Need Professional Handyman Service For Window Repair?

Handyman Service 200x300 Do You Need Professional Handyman Service For Window Repair?As a homeowner, there are a lot of reasons why you would need professional a handyman service. And one of these reasons is window repair and replacement due to moisture or condensation problems, wood rot, dislodging parts, upgrading to energy efficient windows and many other different reasons.

If you’re calling a professional handyman service provider, it would help if you know the specific window problem you need help with and the corresponding repair.

  • Wood rot

The wooden parts of your window can rot when you have insufficient gutters or if your gutters are not working efficiently causing leaks and, thus, water to accumulate in your wooden window sills and frames. If you noticed the problem at its early stages, meaning there is only a small portion of the wood that has rotted, simply remove the rotten parts by digging it out. Use epoxies to fill the spaces that you have dug. Sand, prime, and paint the wooden parts of your window in your desired color to bring back its appeal and beauty. On the other hand, if a greater portion of the windowsills or frames has become rotten, you’ll need to consider having these parts replaced.

  • Presence of moisture and condensation

Moisture and condensation often occur when the seal between a double-paned window fails. To resolve this, you can either opt to replace the entire window or you can resort to creating vents in the insulated glass units. To do this, you need to create holes in the insulated glass and clean the panes before installing the vents. You can do this repair on your own, but it is highly suggested that you seek a professional handyman service to ensure the repair is completed properly.

  • Upgrading to energy efficient windows

If you want to upgrade to energy efficient windows, you need to prepare a huge amount of money because this upgrade does not come cheap. Although, you will surely gain back the money you spend through the savings that it will generate by reducing the amount of electricity you use to heat and cool your home.

If you don’t have the money to do the upgrade, you can always have your handyman install additional weather-stripping to your windows to help improve insulation throughout your home. This may not save as much money as energy efficient windows do, but adding weather-stripping will help reduce loss in heating and cooling energy.

  • Cracked or broken window pane

If you live near a park, your glass window panes can easily crack or be broken by flying balls or birds in flight. Should this happen to you, you’ll want to call a professional handyman at once to replace the broken window pane immediately. When the handyman successfully installed the new glass pane, you can opt to have him refinish the frame or you can do this on your own.

  • Dislodged parts

You’ll know are having problems with dislodged parts in your window when you’re having difficulties in opening and closing them completely. This is most likely due to broken lock part. To replace this, you’ll need the help of your handyman to get it out and replace the new one.

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DIY Or Professional Handyman Services For Drywall Repair?

Handyman Services 300x166 DIY Or Professional Handyman Services For Drywall Repair?Drywall repair is usually reserved for professional handyman services. On the other hand, some homeowners attempt to try to do this specific type of home repair on their own. While this is also possible, there are some things that you, as a homeowner, should consider first before actually doing a drywall repair.

Drywall repair requires special tools
For drywall repair, you would basically need a hammer, screwdriver, drill, utility knife and a level. In addition to this, the following special tools are also required:

  • Drywall knives and a knife for inside corners
  • Drywall saw
  • Hand sander
  • Hacksaw
  • Nail bar

The drywall materials you need for the repair include drywall compound, mesh, paper tape, and drywall nails and screws. Doing the repair on your own without these tools would not be possible. On the other hand, if you already have them, you may no longer need professional handyman services for your drywall repair.

Finishing the drywall repair requires a lot of time
If you really want to try your hand at a drywall repair, prepare to commit a lot of time for this project. You need time to shop for the necessary tools and materials. You need time to do the actual repair work. And because you are likely to do this without a lot of experience and skills, you are bound to take longer than a handyman would. If you have lots of time on your hand for this project, this wouldn’t be a problem. However, if you don’t have that much time, you are better off hiring a handyman.

Professional handyman services can complete more than a drywall repair at one time
Because these professional and highly skilled repairmen can finish the drywall repair in a shorter amount of time, they are left with more time for other repairs needed throughout your house. So if you want to maximize the money you pay for these services, you may want to add other necessary household repairs to the drywall repair.

Drywall repair can result in lumps if not done properly
There are several factors that may cause you not to properly complete a drywall repair. Aside from the necessary skills, you also need to learn how to use the specific tools required for these repairs. Most of these tools, if not all, are not very common to many people. You may not even have heard about them before you needed to repair your drywall. Before doing any repairs, you first have to learn everything there is to know about repairing a drywall and that includes the proper use of the specific tools. If not, you will not be able to do a good job and, thus, result in a lumpy repair.

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