Great Handyman Repair Tips Using Ordinary Household Items

handyman Great Handyman Repair Tips Using Ordinary Household ItemsDid you know that you can become your own handyman by using ordinary household items? Yes, there are some basic home repairs that you can easily do on your own without calling your repair man or buying expensive tools and materials. All you need is some knowledge and a few basic items you use every day and that you can find lying around the house.

Here are some handyman secrets you can easily do on your own.

  • Removing carpet indentations with ice cubes

Furniture and cabinets can leave indentations on your carpet. It isn’t an eyesore and you wouldn’t have noticed it until you rearranged your furniture. Now it’s there drawing your attention every time you enter the living room.

Don’t worry because you don’t have to purchase new carpet or have it repaired to remove the indentations. All you need is a couple of ice cubes! Leave one to two ice cubes on the carpet indentation for eight hours. After that, lift the carpet fibers with your fingers and then vacuum over the affected area. This will easily lift the embedded carpet. Repeat the process one more time to ensure a more polished and good-as-new look.

  • Use a new tennis ball as a scuff mark remover

Scuff marks make your vinyl, tile, or wood floors look dirty and worn out. You want this removed but you don’t have the money and time to have your floors replaced or refinished. Well, you really don’t need to replace your floors. All you need is a new unused tennis ball.

Simply rub the new tennis ball to the scuff mark until it disappears. It’s that easy! The best thing is that it works on vinyl, tile, and wood floors and even on painted walls. Every time you see a scuff mark, get one unused tennis ball from the closet and start scrubbing.

  • Cover nail holes with a toothpaste

Repairing nail holes are common do-it-yourself projects, especially if you have the right tools and supplies. If not, most homeowners would opt to call in a handyman to have all the nail holes throughout the house flattened and covered.

But what happens if you don’t have the necessary tools and supplies to fix your nail holes? Or that if the repairman is not available to do it for you? All you have to do is go to your bathroom and get your white, non-gel toothpaste.

Put toothpaste into the hole. Use a ruler to smooth the paste and make sure the hole is completely covered. Wipe the excess toothpaste from the wall using a rag. Now, wait for the toothpaste to completely dry. Once it dry, cover the area with the same paint as the rest of the wall. No one will be the wiser that you used toothpaste to cover the nail hole! Unless, of course you want to share this secret with your friends and seem like a professional repairman!

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10 Quick And Easy Home Repair Solutions For Busy Homeowners

Home Repair 200x300 10 Quick And Easy Home Repair Solutions For Busy HomeownersOne of the many critical skills a homeowner should have is basic home repair. This is especially true if you live in an area that is far from the local repairman or if no one is at home for the majority of the day during the week. If you find yourself unavailable to meet with a repairman, you need to brush up your basic repair skills so you won’t have to drag a handyman out of bed on a Sunday morning just to fix your leaking faucet.

If you are a busy homeowner, running errands or managing your business during the week and spending weekends with family and friends, you don’t need basic repair skills. What you need are quick and easy repair skills.

Listed below are some common household problems with quick and easy home repair solutions for busy homeowners like you:

  • Rickety chairs

Instead of throwing away rickety chairs or leaving them to rot, you can actually make them sturdier by drilling pilot holes and driving long screws through the rungs and into the legs. If you do this before the chair gets rickety, it prevents the chair from being easily worn out, adding decades to the chair’s lifespan. If the chair is already rickety when you decide to do this quick fix, it will still make the chair stronger and last longer.

Make sure you use long enough screws that would pass through the rungs and into the legs. Also, try drilling the screws on all four legs of the chair for the best results.

  • Hole in the ceiling

Some home renovation projects may leave holes in your ceiling, especially if you decide to replace or remove light fixtures or fans from your ceilings. To repair and remove these holes would cost as much as it would to repaint your ceiling. If you don’t want to be left staring at that hole while waiting to save money for the repair, consider installing a smoke detector right on the hole. This will not only cover the hole; but it also provides additional protection to your home!

  • Cabinet doors that won’t close

One of the more common problems in the household is when cabinet doors have become loose and no longer close properly. For some reason, they are insistent in opening no matter how hard you close them.

To quickly fix this, all you need is a magnetic door catch. These are easier to line up and install so it won’t really take you more than a couple of minutes to set this up. With this door catch in place, you will no longer worry about constantly bumping or tripping on that open cabinet door.

  • Water stain on the ceiling.

Water stains on your ceiling are never a cause for panic. They can easily be fixed in a few simple steps. For this home repair, you will need a water sprayer and a bleach and water solution. Make sure your solution contains 10 percent bleach. Also, it is best if you get plastic to cover your walls to prevent any damage.

Check back on the ceiling after 1-2 days of spraying to see if the stain has been removed. If not, you may need to contact a professional.


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Tip Sheet For Hiring The Best Handyman Service

Handyman Service 195x300 Tip Sheet For Hiring The Best Handyman ServiceThe best handyman service does not only mean the most well known, longest operating, and highly reviewed professional. The best handyman to work with is one who can provide you excellent service at the best cost. For him or her to accomplish this, you will need to help prepare them.

Below are some tips to help you hire the best handyman service and ensure they are fully prepared before you both sign the contract:

  • Ask about the handyman’s insurance.

After verifying the skills and licenses of the handyman you are looking to hire, ask about their insurance. Find out if they are fully insured and whether or not they have gone through unfortunate or adverse accidents. Whenever hiring a service provider, it is extremely important to ask about their insurance. Never hire an uninsured individual as this may result to additional costs and unexpected expenses.

  • Find out whether they have the right tools for the job.

The best handyman service will have all the necessary tools to accomplish any home service job. If not, they are highly knowledgeable and skillful that they can work with the tools they have to complete the task with the same level of efficiency.

  • Set a realistic time frame.

When speaking with a handyman for the first time, tell them a date when you expect the job to be completed. You can tell if he really knows what he is talking about depending on his response. Either he will agree with you or not and he will try to extend the timeframe even when you are asking for a simple repair job.

An important thing to remember when setting time frames is to provide the repairman with sufficient time to complete the task without rushing through the process. Also consider the location of the handyman and his transportation time when setting the time frame.

  • Provide the handyman with all the information he needs.

If you want the repairman to efficiently and properly finish the job on time, you will have to help him. You can do that, by giving him all the necessary information he will need before he even starts with the task.

As soon as you have decided to hire him, prepare all the information that he will most likely need to be able to do the repairs that you need. These may include the type of materials you use around the house including the type of faucets, kitchen counters and cabinets, bathroom fixtures, etc.

These will help the handyman to get to know your house better and be able to do the right repairs concerning the different materials. Keep in mind that some types of fixtures require a specific type of repair and certain tools.

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What Specialties Does A Handyman Have?

c414669 s What Specialties Does A Handyman Have?It is a well known fact that a handyman is a jack of all trades. It will only take a brief phone call to have someone come to your home to fix whatever it is that needs fixing. Although it is safe to assume that these repairmen can do anything that you asked them to do, it is always better that you know what particular skills and specialties they have. This will prevent you from wasting time and money in calling a repairman to come to your house, only to find out that they do not provide the kind of service that you need.

Here are the most common skills of a handyman:

HVAC repair – A handyman can repair or fix your broken HVAC system. They can get your air conditioner and heater up and running in time for the upcoming hot/cold weather. You don’t have to bring them in to a repair shop and wait for weeks for to be repaired.

Pest control – Some repairmen are also capable of pest control. They know how to chase away lost animals that end up hiding in places like your roof, attic, or garage. They can also help you secure your house so that it won’t be easily accessible to stray animals and pests.

Landscaping – Aside from pulling out weeds and cleaning your curbs, these contractors can also help you plant flowerbeds in your yard and make your garden even more beautiful.

Painting – If you are planning for a painting project and you don’t want to spend a lot of money hiring a home construction company, you can simply call on a repairman. Whether this is a few touchups on some of the rooms in your house or a major makeover of the exterior part of your house, a repairman can accomplish this task for you.

General carpentry – These individuals can also help you install shelves and put together new furniture if you don’t have time or simply don’t want to do it yourself. If you don’t have the necessary carpentry skills to do these tasks, hire a repairman to accomplish them for you. It will save you more time and money in the long run.

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When Should You Hire A Handyman vs. A Licensed Pro?

handyman 217x300 When Should You Hire A Handyman vs. A Licensed Pro?We all need a handyman from time to time and with some jobs around the house, it can be a very cost effective thing to have one. Some tasks can be accomplished by a handyman, and others need the skills of a licensed professional. Here, we’re breaking down some common jobs and whether you can bring in your handyman or leave it to the pros.

Handyman vs. Licensed Pro

Plumbing: When it comes to plumbing, you need to always call a skilled professional if it concerns installation of anything such as septic systems, pipes, hooking the sewer up, etc. Repairs or jobs pertaining to your plumbing after it’s been installed can be done by your handyman. This would include, putting new fixtures in the house, minor problems with the toilet, etc.

Electrical: This is an area that should always be left to the experts in this field. Anything to do with electricity can be dangerous and should not be handled by a novice.

Roofing: Here again, your roof is crucial to your well-being and as such should be left to the roofing experts. Your roof keeps you safe and warm and roofing repairs done by a novice can bring expensive results if not done properly. Better to let the pros handle it.

Painting or Drywall Projects: If they aren’t done perfectly, it’s no big deal to fix it, so a handyman is fine for painting and drywall projects. It’s easy to correct problems and it’s pretty inexpensive as well. Plus, mistakes in these areas will not put people in the house in danger.

Garage Doors: Most handymen have had experience in repairing or installing garage door, therefore this is a job you could call them in for. Just make sure a professional tech comes in for bigger issues and maintenance or replacing parts.

Flooring: Most of the time, this can easily be a DIY project. If you have some experience and want to take it on, feel free. Your handyman is also usually qualified for laying flooring. It’s not the same for carpet—hard or laminate flooring is pretty easy, but carpet requires a different skill set and tools.

Go with word of mouth when looking for a handyman. Ask around and let your friends recommend who they use. It’s worth its weight in gold to have a guy around who can take care of the myriad of small jobs and repairs around the house! For more information, call us today at Gordy the Handyman!

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