Working With A Myrtle Beach Handyman For Your Mudroom

Myrtle Beach Handyman 218x300 Working With A Myrtle Beach Handyman For Your MudroomA mudroom may not be a necessity in every home but creating one with a professional Myrtle Beach handyman certainly adds value to a home. Many industry professionals highly recommend building your own mudroom to make your house more organized. It can also double as a command central, which prompts everyone in the household in being responsible in their daily chores and activities.

If you want to go ahead and make your own mudroom, here are some tips from a professional Myrtle Beach handyman that you might want to consider.

Make it warm and welcoming

The mudroom is usually the first thing that will greet members of the household, your guests, friends, and families. Thus, you want to make it as warm and welcoming as possible. Add a space heater or heat lamp to provide warmth in the room. These could also help dry damp coats and jackets.

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Myrtle Beach Handyman On The Value Of Space In A Mudroom

myrtle beach handyman1 161x300 Myrtle Beach Handyman On The Value Of Space In A MudroomIf you don’t have a mudroom yet, enlist the assistance of your local Myrtle Beach handyman and get on to work with it. Although it’s not one of the primary rooms in a house, a mudroom provides lots of benefits for the entire household. Some homeowners make their mudrooms as their command center as well, in order to maximize the use of space inside the house and to make everything better organized.

For many homeowners, mudrooms allow them to efficiently avoid clutter in their entryway as well as to better organize their mail, coats, schoolbags, and shoes. Mudrooms also allow them to go about their daily schedule without much hassle and without forgetting things they needed to bring when they leave the house.

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Plan Your Mudroom With A Professional Myrtle Beach Handyman

myrtle beach handyman 300x200 Plan Your Mudroom With A Professional Myrtle Beach HandymanMake your home more organized this winter by creating a mudroom with the help of your Myrtle Beach handyman. It is important to have one specific area of the house where you and the rest of your household – as well as your guests – could hang coats, put away shoes and boots, hats, scarves and all other winter gear.

As the weather becomes colder, you and the rest of the family will be using your coats, boots, and other winter gear more often. Make it easier for the entire household to find their winter gear by designating a specific area in the house as a winter gear store room.

And since you are planning a mudroom, why not go a notch higher and make one that is not only an organized storage closet or staging area, but also a command central. This will really help each member of the household become organized and adapt to a daily routine of being neat and tidy.

Here are some tips from your local Myrtle Beach handyman to help you in planning for an organized command central.

1. Choose an area in the house that you find most frequently used by the entire family in getting inside and coming out of the house. Some suggestions include the kitchen or pantry area, the garage, and your utility or laundry room. If you have entry doors in your basement, you can also consider placing your mudroom there. The key to finding the best location is one that is most frequented and actually used by each member of the family.

2. Choose the most durable flooring that is available in your local market. Make sure it will be easy to clean. Expect your mudroom to always be dirty since this will be where most of the dirt will accumulate instead of being dragged and spread throughout inside your home.

3. If you want tiles as flooring for your mudroom, your local Myrtle Beach handyman recommends choosing nonslip tiles for improved safety and to minimize risks.

4. If you are looking for easy to clean flooring, you can opt for vinyl tiles or linoleum. These can be washed when dirty. So cleaning is a breeze. As an added tip, choose colors that effectively hide dirt so you won’t have to wash them more frequently.

5. If you are after easy maintenance, concrete flooring is your best bet. Concrete flowing can be easily cleaned and to make it more attractive, you could stain or paint it.

These are just some of the basic ideas on how to build a mudroom. Call Gordy the Handyman now to start planning for your own mudroom. Speak with one of their Professional Myrtle Beach handyman

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Are You Sure You Want To Hire A Handyman To Take Down Walls?

Handyma1 Are You Sure You Want To Hire A Handyman To Take Down Walls?The primary reason why you want to hire a handyman and take down walls is probably to create more space and bring in more light to your house. While this is a truly great plan that would most likely succeed in achieving your goal, it needs careful planning and analysis. There are several factors that you need to consider before you start to tear down your walls. You need to stop, take a step back, and think about the following factors before you and your handyman get into a wrecking spree. Walls that keep the house standing Obviously, you don’t want to tear down these walls; otherwise, you might as well tear the entire house down. But how would you know if a wall is keeping your house standing? You’ll be able to confirm this by looking at the wall’s floor joists. These are usually found beneath the walls. If the joists run perpendicular to the wall, then you better put off tearing down that wall because it works to keep your house standing. You can opt to choose another wall to tear down. Or if there is no other available wall in the room, ask your handyman for a professional advice or consult with an architect to find a way around this dilemma. Your goal would be to increase space in the house without having to tear down the walls that keep it standing. Walls with wiring inside Another thing to consider is whether or not the wall has wires inside it. When a house was built, wires – including electrical, HVAC wires, phone cables, etc. – are placed inside walls to hide them. Looking from the outside, there is no way for you to tell whether or not there are wires inside the wall. The only way for you to confirm is to get your building plan and study it closely. If you are still not sure, have your contractor take a look at it. He or she can help you identify which walls have wires inside them and which don’t. Also, you can work together in creating a rerouting plan if you found no other way around tearing down the wall with wires. Walls with hidden hazards If your house was built in the 1980’s, it might contain harmful chemicals such as lead. You could get exposed to this hazardous substance while tearing down the wall. What’s worse is that you are putting your family’s health at risk. To confirm whether or not your walls have such hazardous elements, you could hire an inspector if you have the extra money as this could be pricey. Otherwise, you can opt to use test kits that are available in your local home centers. For more accurate results, use several kits that feature different detection methods. Cross-test among your kits and compare the results. Make sure you follow the rules of EPA in disposing walls and debris with lead.

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Choosing the Right Handyman

Handyman 300x200 Choosing the Right HandymanEvery home owner needs a good handyman. They are the ones you call for a variety of problems and repairs that pop up around the house. While they may have specialized skills in certain areas, they are usually more of a jack of all trades with at least a certain amount of skill in several areas that would pertain to the home improvement industry.  Here are some tips to help you hire the right handyman.

  • Make sure they have experience doing the specific task you need done. You don’t want someone who is undertaking a job for the first time. Ask them if they’ve done this job before and how long ago. You are looking for competence.
  • Check to make sure they are insured. You want to be sure they carry insurance in the event something in your home gets damaged or broken. It is not impolite to ask about this when you interview the handyman!
  • Ask for references. This is crucial if you don’t know of this person. Call the references he provides and ask those clients if they were satisfied with the job done, how long it took, if he cleaned up after himself, and if they felt the price was fair.
  • Word of mouth is the best way! Ask your family and friends or neighbors who they recommend. Other people’s suggestions are usually the best way to find someone good. Other homeowners have no doubt had to use a handyman before, so this is a very sure way to find someone.
  • Build a relationship. If you are a homeowner, you will want to have a handyman who you can call for all those odd jobs or repairs around your house. If you build a relationship with a good handyman will ensure that you’ll have someone for the long haul who knows your house in and out and will treat it properly.
  • Make sure he has the right tools for all sorts of jobs. Discuss what you want done and then ask if he is prepared to do this job, as well as what it will cost. If he doesn’t have the right tools or equipment, you may want to find someone else.

Finally, keep in mind that for certain jobs, you should hire a specialized professional rather than a handyman. This would include major plumbing or electrical issues. Most other odd jobs can easily be handled by a handyman, so do yourself a favor and find a good one—you’ll be glad you did!

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